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Could This Little Known Fact Boost Your Weight Loss?

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As a nutritionally oriented MD, my goal is to help restore and maintain optimum health for everyone I see. This always includes helping women get to and maintain their optimum weight. Today more than ever this is a problem for many. The toxic environment and toxic food tend to poison our body’s ecosystems and breakdown the mechanisms that would naturally regulate hunger and satiety. In addition, junk science has convinced people that chemicalized, processed foods are healthy and people consume them expecting good results. To the contrary, diet drinks and low-fat foods have produced an obesity epidemic never before seen in history. Unfortunately, many are caught in this web and don’t know what to do. They try and try to do what they think is the right thing, often fail, and give up in frustration. What’s a girl going to do?

One Reason You May Not Be Losing Weight

Here is what is going on: with chemicalized refined foods, our nutrition suffers and we become deficient in essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, essential fats and especially amino acids. This means that the basic building blocks of the body are lacking.

At the same time, our major metabolic pathways are chemically blocked by these franken-foods which act as anti-nutrients which are toxins to the body. This makes for a body that can’t adapt and can’t regulate itself. It becomes poisoned in a sense. When you’ve just eaten 1000 calories you should be full and satisfied for hours, but you’re still find yourself craving a cookie or some chocolate. That’s frustrating!

So let me shed some light on this: One of the causes of failure to lose or maintain weight is a deficiency of the basic building blocks of the body structure itself. That little looked for deficiency is amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. There are 22 amino acids that when combined in various ways make up the 50,000 proteins that are the human body. It turns out that there are 8 essential ones that if gotten in the diet in sufficient quantity, allow the body to make the rest.

Now why is that important and what does this have to do with weight loss?

The body is a chemical factory. It takes molecules from our food and changes them into two main components. One is body structure itself and the other is energy. Once the structure is there, bones, glands organs and so forth, those tissues need energy so they can do their jobs. Then we can move, think, and maintain and repair.

The most important proteins in the body aside from the cellular organ tissues are called enzymes.

Enzymes are specialized proteins that control all of the chemical reactions in the body so building, repair, energy production, and detoxification occur. Even the proteins that make up these enzymes are made by enzymes! So without these enzymes there is no body and there is no life.

Weight loss requires enzymes. If you can’t lose weight, your enzymes may be in short supply BECAUSE you don’t have the amino acids to make them.

Specific enzymes allow energy to be burned for fuel, control the production of thyroid hormones that determine how much fuel is burned and allow fat to be accessed to be burned.

If your enzymes aren’t working, not only might you be fat, but also tired, and in pain, and mentally foggy. And worse, you may, as many do, have too little of the digestive enzymes in your pancreas that are needed to break down your food so you then don’t even have enough amino acids to build new digestive enzymes! Then you are really stuck. We find in our clinic patients that nearly everyone has amino acid deficiencies which underlie their major complaints.

So what is the answer and how do you get your waistline back?

The best answer that I have found is to give the body very high quality amino acids that do not require any digestion and that are in a unique ratio such that the body can use them better than any food or other amino acid supplement. With this unique formulation, 99% of these amino acids go to build the enzymes and body structure back to healthy levels so your body can work the way it should, and this includes losing weight. No other formula or food is even half this efficient at providing these basic building blocks.

The exact formula that we use to provide these amino acids is called Perfect Amino. It is scientifically proven in double blind testing that can make sure you get enough essential amino acids so that your body can make the enzymes to build and repair every aspect of body chemistry. That includes all of the structures themselves as well as the production of energy, manufacture of hormones, maintenance of the immune system function and detoxification.

Therefore, health begins with amino acids and all the essentials of life depend on them. You can feel better, be of normal weight, be strong and fit and mentally sharp if you maintain your amino acid levels in your blood.

Then you must combine this miracle supplement with eating only real food.

But what is considered “Real food”?

It is food that has not been chemically altered or changed or GMO’d. It does not come in a package or a can with other ingredients added to it. It’s a real peach, or sprig of broccoli or a steak. That’s real food. A Trisket or a Cheerio is not real food by my definition. Real is not colored, preserved, or artificially added to.

The best real foods are fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds.

Stay off grains, dairy and legumes at the beginning. Drink water, tea or coffee only.

Now this, I know, is a challenge. You will go through a bit of misery for 5-10 days while doing this. The cries from the inner sanctum of your body will convince you that you will die if you don’t have some favorite cookie or snack. You don’t have to go hungry. Eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full. But eat real foods.

How Will You Feel after all of this?

With real foods and Perfect Amino (8-10 tablets) once a day, and you should add a high-quality multivitamin (the best one out there is BodyHealth Complete + Detox), in less than a month your body will change. You will change and your will feel your health come back and your waistline will go down. You will be pleased at your newfound energy too I am sure. 

Now if you really want to accelerate this program you can substitute two of your three protein meals each day with a Perfect Amino dose of 8-10 tablets. Now a 6 ounce portion of chicken or fish will be 360 calories and with two meals that would save you 720 calories per day. This works because 10 tablets of Perfect Amino only contains 4 calories, so you trade 8 calories for 720! If you dock 720 calories a day that’s 3500 in about 5 days or at least a pound of weight lost. In actuality, the weight loss will be a lot more, because with real food your body will reset so that your eating will be smarter and you’ll feel like exercising and you’ll sleep better and before you know it, you’ll have the shape you know is you.

A healthy body is attainable but only by replacing the missing nutrients and then giving it the fuel that it was designed to work on and by avoiding toxic foods. By doing this program you will be doing exactly that. This is science based on millions of years of genetic research and it still holds true today. I would love to hear of your successes that I can add to the thousands I already have from my many years in practice. All the best to you and good eating and good health!

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