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8 Steps To That Healthy, Happy Life You’ve Always Wanted

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We only have one shot at this life. There is only one chance to do all things you want to do, see all those places you want to see, eat, drink, laugh and smile. Just one chance to do it all, which is kind of a beautiful realisation. Life is astounding, beautiful beyond words, and that should be reason enough to stay as healthy as possible.

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Sure, some things are unavoidable, but most health issues arise from unhealthy lifestyles and that needs turning on its head. We don’t just mean eat more greens and run more each week, we mean living a truly happy and healthy lifestyle, one that will help you have positive mental health and a healthy self-image.

And here are our top tips to achieve this. So read, make notes and enjoy the gorgeous life you’ve been given.

1. Drink A Lot More Water

Given we are more than 60% water, water is an essential part of our diet, the very thing that carries out body functions, removes wastes, hydrates us, and carries both oxygen and nutrients around our bodies.

2. Sleep To The Point Of Snoring

By hitting deep sleep you are allowing your body to recharge in the same way you recharge anything else. Sleep also helps you age better because of this, and it will stop you snacking. No sleep equals more snacking.

3. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

It doesn’t matter how busy you are, there is a chance to exercise every day and you should. Join a gym. Run in the morning. Walk to work. Cycle. Take the stairs. All the little things add up to have a huge benefit on our health.

4. See Your Doctor Regularly

Having an expert on hand is a great way to add to your preventative measures. It could be that you use an online symptom checker to save time, or you could schedule a doctor’s appointment once a month, both will help. It is better to prevent than aid, so make sure you are preventing.

5. Fruit, Glorious Fruit

Fruit is such a good source of vitamins and minerals, way more advanced and beneficial than alternative supplements. Oranges, watermelon, avocados, apricots, grapefruit, apple, kiwi, strawberries, guava; it doesn’t matter which it just matters that you eat.

6. Meditate Everyday

Meditation has been proved to calm the mind and soul, to settle you and help overcome negative thoughts that are a by-product of stressful lives. It may only be ten minutes of meditation, but that ten minutes will do your mental state a world of good. Trust us.

7. Pick The Right People

What makes happy people happy is the fact they surround themselves with positive people. There are over seven billion people on the planet, so you can be picky about who you hang around with. As such, purge anyone from your life that has a negative impact on you.

8. Cut Out The Caffeine

Caffeine is a drug that attacks the brain. It is associated with all sorts of things from memory loss to depression, so cut it out. So instead of waking up and having a coffee, wake up and have a nice lemon tea instead.


If you follow these eight tips, then you will be sure to live a happier and healthier life!