6 Tips to get you Buzzing mentally and emotionally for 2012

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The countdown has already begun, weeks before we can watch the ball drop and even before we have gotten the chance to decide on the most stylish New Year’s Eve dress; it’s inevitable once we are hit with the month of December; we brace ourselves for “The List.” No, not the one mailed to Santa but rather the one that we privately make out to ourselves; the alleged changes that we so effortlessly desire to make for the upcoming year. “The List” of resolutions starts out as a series of promises to do everything from quit smoking to losing a specific amount of weight. Each year we tell ourselves that change is necessary but somehow the hype isn’t enough to carry out our intentions.

Facing these resolutions is an entirely different matter. It’s funny how we set out to keep the promise and then gradually force ourselves to not even remember that we made it in the first place. Then a year rolls by and we brag about how we didn’t keep what we said we would and the cycle begins all over again.

Understanding our role in the process

We examine what we want and jam the process of change into one year. I know that I have been guilty of placing myself in a resolution box; mapping out a giant list of things that will help me surpass my cycles of resolution fails. Perhaps it’s the pressure of knowing that if I allow my list to unravel, a piece of me is being let down or hindered in some way. Let’s face it – we all tried to stay on top of our desire to make our changes work. So, where does it all stem from? What makes or breaks our mental list? It all surfaces from the core of who we are vs. who we want to evolve into; after all isn’t it basically tied to deciding what will make you emotionally and mentally happy?

Making it Happen

It’s the ultimate challenge; we all desire to be financially stable, healthy, and happy. But what drives us? Are our resolutions simply a possible chance to reclaim who we are and what we feel we need to do in order to change that? This year alone I felt as though I hid from the ability to grow mentally and emotionally because I knew that it would take work, effort and honesty with myself. Besides, like many of you, I’m not exactly comfortable with realizing that I have a lot of changing to do both spiritually and emotionally. It’s clear that none of us can really sit back and place a magnifying glass to our downfalls. It all begins with a thought; that thought of “Wow, maybe I shouldn’t have dated that guy,” or, “Why did I turn down that opportunity?” The source of it is you. This time around, seriously reflect not just on your inability to run through a list of promises but make it genuine and sincere to your personality. What do you want out of this year? Here are a few tips to get the ball rolling.

• Take yourself out of the resolution box for a minute and focus on the real possibility. Set realistic and attainable goals for yourself and build from where you are. We all start from some point and face a struggle within us.
• Create a gumption list which is entirely your typical resolution list: it’s simply a list of things that you procrastinate and are fearful of, but they get you where you need to be. Pick things that you know will take extra effort on your part but will cause growth and change within you.
• Realize how much your personality affects your ability reach your goals. Learn to be emotionally intelligent; simply identify your emotions and use them in valuable way.
• Surround yourself with people who are edifying to who you are and where you want to be. New friends, will cause in interest in you to be different and persevere further to growth.
• Desire to accomplish something that just makes you smile! Something fun like learning how to paint, how to cook a new dish, how to ice skate or dance salsa. All of your ambitions don’t have to be so serious. Life is sweeter when you are able to enjoy the simple things and discover something new that you can be your passionate about.
• Have faith in yourself and your ability! Change is a mental process and it is something that does require hope. Forgive yourself and understand that whatever mistakes you made are ancient history now.

So ladies, put on your hottest pair of pumps and strut your fiercest walk into the New Year. Take this year and your new attitude of perseverance to set your very own platform of possibility.

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    I appreciate your work , thanks for all the informative content .

  • unmetered vps

    I appreciate your work , thanks for all the informative content .