Awkward: 4 Ways to Get Over Embarrassing Situations

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You think that a guy is checking you out, so you give a flirtatious wink. Turns out, he’s really a cop, making sure you’re wearing a seat belt. You see someone waving at you, so you wave back. Turns out, they’re acknowledging the person behind you. You’re walking through the main part of campus and … you just completely eat it. Aren’t awkward situations THE BEST? If you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm in that last question, then you obviously aren’t one of those people who gets sweaty, while their face turns tomato red and your body can’t stop shaking. That’s just my reaction to awkward situations. Here are four ways to recover after an embarrassing situation.

1. Drink

I’m in college, so when I asked my friends how they recover from embarrassing situations they said, “Drink.” Obviously, this is an extreme solution and, probably, one that will just make your situation worse. But this was an answer that multiple people gave to my question of “how do you get over embarrassing situations”.

2. Box It Away

My roommate told me that she likes to box away her embarrassing encounters. She imagines this box, opens it, stuffs in all the embarrassment and then locks it up nice and tight. Then, unlike Pandora’s box, it’s never reopened.

3. Pretend It Didn’t Happen

If you don’t acknowledge that it happened it never did, right? Waved at the wrong person? Just keep walking and pretend like you were actually waving at someone else. Don’t show that you’re embarrassed, and then maybe no one will notice that you just did something stupid. 

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4. Laugh It Off!

We ALL go through embarrassing situations and we will continue to go through embarrassing situations. You just have to recognize that you might feel like a fool now, but it doesn’t really matter, and everyone has been where you are. We’re all human. This is my favorite way to handle embarrassing situations: just acknowledge it, laugh at it (so you’re laughing with people) and move on. If you make light of the situation, then others around you will do the same.

There are many times I’ve wished I could sink into a hole and never reappear and I’m sure there will be many times to come, when I will experience this feeling again. I choose to laugh it off. How do you deal with embarrassing situations? 


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