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11 Daily Routines You Should Have to Protect Your Sanity

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There’s no denying that life is stressful. Whether you’re a student, an employee, a mom, or any combination of those three (plus a million other things), things get stressful. When there’s so much going on, it can feel like life is just one big jumble that’s swirling around you.

But the good news is that there are things you can do to at least slow the swirling down. Here are my top eleven daily routines that will help you protect your sanity in this crazy world!

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1. Make Your Bed

This is a small, quick step you can take at the beginning of every single day to make your room feel more organized. I personally get stressed out when my room or house feels dirty or unorganized. Taking just two minutes every morning to make my bed makes me feel way more in control. It’s usually not very pretty – I just pulled the sheets up, straighten out the comforter a little bit, and toss the pillows up by the headboard. But it’s better than nothing and makes me feel like I’ve actually got my life together.

2. Yoga

woman practicing yoga as one of her daily routines

Maggie Collett

We’ve shouted the praises of yoga many times here at Miss Mill because we love it! I find so much peace and balance when I hop on the mat even for a quick 5-minute sequence. If you’re a yoga fanatic, maybe an hour-long, muscle-shaking class is better for you. Yoga is all about finding what’s right for you and your body. Check out local classes in your area or if you’re feeling shy, track down some free online classes. It will help you get your thoughts lined up and tackle the day with a clear mind.

3. Read

Reading is usually the first thing to go when life starts getting busy. Why is that? As a huge bookworm, I love reading and find myself so relaxed when I’m lost in a good book. And yet reading always gets pushed to the side in the hustle and bustle of life! If you can, carve out just 5 or 10 minutes every day to get through a chapter or two. Getting lost in the world of your characters helps you forget about your own, amirite? I have and love my Kindle but there’s nothing quite like flipping through the real pages of a book. I can quite literally spend hours wandering around Barnes and Noble trying to find the perfect book. However you like to get your book fix, do it!

pages of book flipping as part of daily routines


4. Essential Oils

I have just recently gotten into essential oils. As a complete newbie, I like the pre-mixed blends that take the guessing out of it. It’s especially nifty when they’re labeled as “sleep,” “focus,” or whatever else you might need. While I haven’t been using them long enough to say if they absolutely have changed my life, they certainly smell nice and help me unwind from the craziness of life. If you’re a newbie like me, check out some of the blends. If you’re an essential oils guru, check out places like Sky Organics for amazing quality oils.

5. Delete Emails

I am the queen of having 2,984 unread e-mails in my inbox. When you give out your e-mail address to every company for a 15% off coupon, the spam piles up! Take some time every day to delete all those spammy, unread e-mails and unsubscribe from ones you don’t care about. There’s nothing like a clean, uncluttered inbox to make you feel totally zen.

woman typing on her laptop during daily routines


6. Self Care

Taking a few minutes every day (or even once a week) will make you feel so much better. Paint your nails a pretty shade of pink, find a firming face mask that you like, pluck your eyebrows, slather on some good body butter, or do whatever else makes you feel like a queen. I live for the nights when I’ve got enough time to take a hot shower and then spend some time with a green mask all over my face catching up on The Bachelor.

7. Write Things Down in Your Planner

My world literally crumbles when I don’t faithfully use my planner. Recently I’ve been totally slacking on my planner and I can tell! I’ve been missing deadlines, forgetting to e-mail people back….I’m a hot mess! Taking a quick second every day to add new things to your planner, cross off completed items, and take notes will save you a world of heartache and make you feel so organized. I would 10/10 recommend a physical paper planner for this instead of using an app. We already have so many apps and notifications on our phones, do you really think a planner app is going to be able to cut through the noise? Get used to using a physical planner and you’ll never go back!

hand writing in journal during daily routines


8. Journal

In the same vein as using a planner is journaling. This one will be especially helpful when trying to slow down the swirling vortex of life. Five minutes spent before bed writing down your thoughts and feelings will help you work through your problems. Plus most of the time we have all kinds of thoughts in our brains that aren’t actually doing us any favors. Getting those thoughts out of your brain and onto paper frees up space for all the important thoughts you need to think! Think of your journal as your Pensieve, if you will (where my Harry Potter crew at?!).

9. Move Around

I think we can all agree that physical activity makes you feel better and calmer. If you can, get up and make a lap around your office once per hour. Those of you with activity trackers probably already get your hourly reminders to get up and get moving. If you don’t have an activity tracker, take it upon yourself to at least spend five minutes or so each hour walking around or at the very least, standing up at your desk.

10. Do All the Dishes in the Sink

Oh, dishes in the sink. My archenemy. As much as I despise doing dishes, I despise dishes in the sink even more. I feel like my life is spiraling out of control when I walk through the kitchen and see the dishes piled up. Before I go to bed, I at least have to do the dishes. If they pile up in the dish drainer and don’t get dried or put away, fine. But they’ve got to be out of the sink. Try it for a week and I promise you’ll never feel more peaceful than when you wake up in the morning to an empty sink.

hand washing fork in sink during daily routines


11. Get Ready for the Next Day

I have to be at work Monday-Friday at 7 am so this step is crucial for me. But truthfully, even if I didn’t have to be at work so early, I’d probably still do this. Each night right before bed (and after the dishes!), set out your outfit for the next day, pack your lunch, and put your keys and purse by the door. First of all, maybe you can set your alarm 5 minutes later. Second of all, it will just help you feel sane in the morning because you won’t be digging through your closet trying to find the right shirt. Trust me.

So, yeah, life is stressful. But some mindful daily routines will you help slow it all down and feel so much more centered. What are your favorite daily routines to stay sane? Let us know down below!


  • Nicole DaRosa

    this is fantastic! Deleting my emails seriously makes the biggest difference for me lol there is nothing like seeing that cleared out inbox!

  • AJMoneyMatters

    Yes!! I’ve found pilates everyday works for me – even if it’s just 10min workout.