Intimidated By A Colleague? Here’s What You Can Do To Feel Comfortable At Work Again

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Our working environment is the last place we want to bring personal issues into. In many modern-day careers, time is precious and the role is demanding. This means that office drama is probably the last thing on your mind. Even if you do your level best to stay out of all that, sometimes it’s inevitable that you get caught up in it.

Office or team based work requires you to have a lot of interpersonal relationships. Usually, these are strictly professional—but there are times when it can get a bit more personal. The worst kind of scenario is when you really don’t get along with someone you work with. Maybe they constantly try to undermine you in front of other colleagues, or maybe they have been rude to you since the first day you started. Unfortunately, this can create a very stressful environment for you—and you may begin to dread going to the job you once loved. If you are dealing with a personal work issue like this, here are a few things you can do to help your situation get back on track.

comfortable at work

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Speak to the person directly

This might be a daunting prospect, but have you ever considered actually raising your issues with the colleague in question? If they are above you in the workplace hierarchy, this is obviously not going to be easy for you. But drop them an email or catch them in the corridor and ask if you can have a quick chat with them at some point. This is your chance to say how you have been feeling and offer your colleague a chance to explain their behaviour. In some cases, they may not even realize they are doing something that bothers you. It is best to do it alone, because as that way you will know your colleague isn’t just putting on a show. Also, it shows them that you respect them, even though you might be having issues right now.

Take some time out

A rude or bullying colleague can cause a lot of stress—and if you are feeling genuinely scared to come into work because of it, you might need to re-assess the way you currently work. This doesn’t mean quitting your job, as you are entitled to your position as much as anyone. But, you might want to consider working from home a few days a week, if this is something that your company allows. You may not be quite so involved in the camaraderie of the workplace—but if you’re okay with that, and you feel better for it, does it really matter?

comfortable at work

Raise the issue with your boss

Your boss has a duty to look after you as an employee. Even if they seem straight-laced and stern most of the time, they will listen to you if you need them. Make a note of any workplace incidents that make you feel uncomfortable or upset and take them to your boss as examples of your colleague’s behaviour. A warning will most likely be issued, which your colleague will take seriously if it is coming from the person in charge.


Whatever path you take, it’s always better to deal with the issue than ignore it. If you don’t do anything about it, then the tension between you and this other person will do nothing but build until you reach our breaking point. So take action and don’t allow yourself to be unhappy!