Lady Lennia Courtney: Tips to Stay Cool in the Heat

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Lady Lennia Courtney: Tips to Stay Cool in the Heat

Happy Hump Day. Today marks mid week for me, and I couldn’t be happier. Yesterday also marked my second day without AC. I thought I was going to melt. It seems like everywhere is experiencing three digit temperatures; so today I just wanted to give a few tips on how to keep cool during this summer.

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Make sure to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated doesn’t mean to just drink whatever you can grab. Try drinking a non-caffeinated beverage, such as water. If you play sports or work out try to drink replenishing beverages that have electrolytes. Not only do Gatorade and Powerade have electrolytes, but SmartWater does as well. Use your ceiling fans and standing fans to keep cool. Opening windows for a cool breeze is also a good idea. However, beware to not leave windows open through the night if you live on the first floor. Lastly, do not run the dryer or operate the oven to help eliminate any additional heat bringing the temperature up.

Well, one more blog before I pass the torch of Lady Lennia. It was fun, keep cool. -Ms. C (Missy)