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How to Save Big With Coupons

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We all hate to wait behind the crazy coupon lady with a million coupons. Yet, we are always dazzled how she goes from a whopping $200 grocery bill, to barely over $50. Well it’s quite simple, and I’m going give you a few steps to help reduce your grocery bill by at least 30 percent. Couponing, clearance, bogo’s, let’s go!

Stalk your Prey
Walk around your grocery store writing down prices, sizes, and the brand to research later. You will need to go online and research what coupons are available to reduce the prices. For example, I did a walk around on Wednesday and found that Old Spice body wash was $2.49. I went home researching and found there is a $2 off coupon, making the final price .49⁄ for Old Spice body wash. Rule of thumb is to write numerous items because not every brand and size is going to have a coupon. Also, absolutely check out what is in the clearance section, because coupons are still accepted for clearance and closeout items when it comes to groceries. Note: grocery coupons do not stipulate ever that they cannot be used on close out or clearance.

Price Matching
Price matching is defined as paying an advertised price for an item at a different store. All you need to do is simply get the ad and take into the store and show them. Now this may sound easy but you have a few steps to complete to make sure you do it right. First write down all the prices and which ad you saw the best price, just in case you have more than one ad. Second, highlight and circle the item in the ad because you will need to show it. Having all of this ready to go will help the cashier do your transaction smoothly and fast. If a store who advertises price matching will not, simply go to customer service and ask for a manager.

If you see anyone racking up on a deal feel free to ask them what coupon matchups they are doing. I always run into people watching me do a deal, and I will give them a coupon and show them how to do the deal. They ecstatically say thank you a few times. Same goes for if you see a good deal and spot a fellow couponer nearby. Sharing deals is the number one way you are going to score an awesome deal.

Coupon Helping Sites
Try websites such as afullcup.com. Afullcup is a savings forum in which people all across the U.S. post their deals and coupon matchups. I post the farm fresh coupon matchups every Wednesday and other couponers who find more deals add to it. And if you are uncertain of anything, afullcup.com is perfect to post questions and get them answered quickly. Afullcup breaks down the forums by each store. I especially like how in each stores forum they put the coupon policy and how each store works with their deal(s) system. With afullcup you may not have to do a walk-through of your store, you can simply check the forums and then order your coupons. I personally use couponsthingsbydede.com and manufacturercoupons.net for coupon ordering after getting all my deals together.

Once you really get all your couponing together and find your niche, you will find it fun. I make it one huge game by trying to beat my total percentage savings every time. Sometimes it makes sense to go a few times per week to a get deal especially if a coupon states only 4 per transaction and you have tons of coupons. However, you have to stick to the coupons and not venture off to picking up all kinds of goodies and snacks. I have learned to shop and only buy products that I have a coupon for, if not it can wait or it doesn’t come with savings (i.e. milk, bread, ice, etc). Best of luck to you with your savings. –Ms.C

Deal of the week: Old Spice Body Wash $2.49, coupon $2, total .49

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