Holiday Savings

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percentages wearing santa hatsThe holidays are a joyous time to celebrate, but can often remind one of their money issues. There are a few easy steps to help conquer overspending, under spending, and giving great gifts. After reading this article you will be armed and ready to tackle clearance racks, and learn how to effectively save some serious cash.

Back of the Store

Most clearance and closeout items are located at the back of the store. This is done to make you walk through the entire store, past the full price items first. Imagine if they were in the front; you would grab and go, not even glancing over anything else. The clearance racks and closeout section are also purposely sloppy, so that you will get frustrated looking through the items and just pay full price. But why pay full price for convenience? I find my holiday party dresses on the clearance rack every year. And last year I also found wool coats on sale for $5 at the very back of the store. A full price wool coat would normally range from $50 and up. Needless to say I grabbed every color that fit. Remember with most closeout and clearance, returns are not accepted. So make sure you test out the product. Make sure all the knobs, buttons, zippers,  and lights all work. Also if it is an electronic item and its seems a little iffy, either buy the warranty or don’t buy the item at all. And because you are getting the stuff super cheap, as always, cut off the price tag. Yes indeed, let them feel extra special by thinking you just paid $75 for a $10 shirt.


Unless a store coupon clearly states so, you can use coupons on closeout and clearance. Most clothing stores will clearly state that you can’t use the coupon for clearance, but ask anyway. I bought lovely gift sets at Bath & Body Works for the holidays and they said I could use the coupon that said no clearance items included. My entire purchase was 100% clearance.  Coupons will come in handy for little nick-knack gifts such as stocking stuffers that can include razors, hand sanitizer, and hand cream.

Necessity Gifts

These are by far my greatest gifts – necessity gifts. Necessity gifts are items that are used often, such as hand sanitizer, lotion, body wash, deodorant and more. Now necessity gifts can be especially cheap when matched with coupons.  Our local store doubles coupons up to $1 on Wednesday’s. So for the past month I have gone every Wednesday with my $1 coupons to catch a necessity deal. So far I bought hand cream, lotion, body wash, razors, and more. All I bought for just over $1 and regularly priced at least $3. I receive more thank you’s on the necessity gifts, because I make sure I stock them up on a few things they can’t live without. For ladies, I give sanitary napkins, shampoo , conditioner, body wash, lotion, and hand sanitizer. The idea is to give what you know they need or will likely run out of.  For men its simple a razors, body wash, lotion, and deodorant to complete the list.

The holidays can be fun when you don’t go absolutely broke trying to shop. Keep a budget and grab your coupons while shopping. No coupons? Then order online and Google a coupon code. Check websites such as afullcup.com to read the deals and coupon match ups. I am a member on the site as well, and the membership is free and super helpful. Happy Holidays and happy shopping.

Deal of the week: Bath and Body Works gift set $7.50 with 50% off = $3.75

Money Saving Tip: Check the Dollar Stores for name brand items for $1. I just found a $6-$15 brand name item at the dollar store all for a $1. I made out like a fat pig. J