Healthcare Tips: Dos and Don’ts

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woman doctor in white jacketWe all want and need healthcare. The tricky part is finding insurance that is affordable, and a perfect fit for our lifestyles. Let’s take a look at some health insurance basics a bit more in-depth when it comes to investing in your healthcare.

Do Research Insurance Companies

It is always best to shop around for health insurance. Do not always go for what your job has. I personally went from paying over $100 per month through my employer to not even $60 per month paying privately, because I shopped around. Free sites such as Ehealthinsurance.com offer to guide you through finding the correct insurance for your needs and wants; not only by location, but also by price, deductible amount, and co-payment. And not to mention how great you will feel after you save money, which will help decrease your stress levels.

Do Challenge Healthcare Bills

If you find yourself in the sticky situation of not having insurance but going to the emergency or urgent care center and getting an astronomical bill, do challenge the amount. The amount you are being billed is the full amount with no discounts; whereas, insurance providers negotiate a set amount, below the normal prices. So you have to be the one to negotiate your own prices. Most health care facilities are more likely to bargain with you if you are ready and willing to pay, right at that moment. For example, you have a $2,000 bill, you can only pay $1,000. Call the provider and tell them you can pay $1,000 now if the rest can be forgiven. More than likely they will take your offer, if not haggle an amount and negotiate for a payment plan if all can’t be paid at that time.

Don’t Accept Zero Customer Service

Regardless of what the industry is, proper protocol and customer service are key. If you are dealing with rude workers, please report them. Hospitals, and doctors’ offices are no place for attitudes or negativity as people going in them obviously have enough issues. Also if the front desk staff is not the best, and the doctor is awesome, let the doctor know. This will let the doctor know that you want to stay, but given the treatment prior to seeing the doctor isn’t the greatest, he/she will ultimately lose your business. In any other industry or field poor customer service is not tolerated, medical is not any different.

Don’t Take Your Doctor’s Word For It

If you are ever diagnosed with something serious or chronic, always get a second opinion, even asthma. Everyone makes mistakes and machines do as well. So before you go making a will or upping your life insurance, check and recheck to make sure the diagnosis was indeed correct. Also make sure you use someone outside of the doctor’s office where you were originally diagnosed; to avoid any biased diagnosis based off of office gossip.