5 Ways to Be the Best Job Candidate

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Finding a job sucks. It can often feel scary and daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! “Job hunting” sounds like big words full of different meanings, but when you break them down, it’s a simple task. There are plenty of resources to find legitimate jobs, and tips for getting that job interview. You will get a job when you can show your employer that you’re knowledgeable about the business, have the credentials, and most importantly, portray to them who you are.

These employers are not robots. They are humans with friends and family, and probably feel just as awkward as you do. No employer wants to crush your dreams and leave you hopeless and out of money. But just as badly as you need a job, they need people who can share their vision and properly execute their wishes. Finding a job should not be seen as a daunting, scary task. Let’s take this one step at a time.

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1. Is the Job Real?

Things can sound pretty on paper. Take some time with every possible opportunity to actually figure out which job offer is valid. You’ll want to know about the company, who exactly their clientele is, and what their business is. Take the time to figure out how long they’ve been in business, and if they have social media.

Learn key words that can confirm your suspicions on the job’s legitimacy. Before going head in and doing an interview, make sure you know it is a real job. Check out if they have social media, if they have an “about us” section on their website, and if their links to social media platforms are legitimate and consistent. If you do a Google search, you’ll be able to see any ads that the company has put out lately, and what kind of employees they’ve been interested in.


2. Do Your Research On the Company

You can be the nicest person in the world, but if you don’t know your facts, the job isn’t going to be yours. If you get an interview, go in with a knowledge of the company, it’s history, what they do there, and what your role would be. Maybe this sounds obvious, but when they ask you why you want to work there, it’s sort of important to know how to answer. Employers can see through a facade, and they’ll be impressed when you show off just how much you’ve done your research. They’ll feel grateful that you were interested enough in the job to rattle off a couple of facts about the place, and you’ll feel more confident in the interview. There’s nothing worse than stuttering through an easy question just because you didn’t take half an hour to read through the company’s website.

3.Be Prepared

Obviously you want to prep all your answers for questions you know you’re going to get. However, it’s important to also prepare things unrelated to the interview. You’ll want to have exact directions of how to get to the interview site, when you’re meeting, and who you are meeting. There is nothing worse than having all your facts memorized, but not getting the job because you didn’t consider traffic.

Make sure you understand exactly where you’re going and how you are getting there. I have heard countless horror stories of interviews falling flat because of a lack of communication. It is not pushy to remind the employer what time you are meeting and where. Just because they have the job and you don’t does not mean that they have everything together. It’s just as much your responsibility to be prepared as it is theirs.

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4. Get Connected

Websites like LinkedIn can connect you to employees that currently work at the company. It’s possible you know someone who works there, or is a mutual friend of the boss. You have to appreciate the importance of connections. It could be a guy who was in your first period class in high school that now has graduated and has a high level position at the company.

Or maybe you can look more at how you can appeal to the interviewers. Maybe an alum from  your college works there. Figure out all of your assets, and how you can find a connection to someone that works there. It’s important to see their employee culture, how they treat each other, and how they think. A job is more than a paycheck and clocking in and out each day. You want to be able to like the people you’ll be around each day. You might want them to be around your age, so you can resonate with them. See if they have public social media accounts so you can understand what this company’s employers find important, both personally and professionally.

5. Think Before You Do

Yes the money sounds enticing. Yes you are tired. You probably want to just give up and wave a white flag in surrender. However, you might be more miserable jumping the gun and accepting the job.  Be smart and weigh all the information. Social media, corporate websites, and press releases are all platforms through which companies keep the public updated on what they’re doing. Yes you’ve done your research. Maybe you rocked that interview, but be smart. Remember what they tell you, and make sure that the interview matches the information online.

Before accepting that job, you want to understand exactly what you are accepting. Their website will probably be helpful in giving you insight into what it would be like for you to work there. They’ll probably have information about new projects posted online, and have links to social media, so you can stay updated on the place. In addition, most directories list private and public companies and information on them.


This all sounds daunting. Finding a job, making sure it’s legit, landing the interview, getting the job, and being happy there does not come easy. But the worse thing to do is panic. We’ve made a list because we know that it’s difficult. But you can accomplish anything if you’re organized and prepared. The most important thing to do is stay calm and be confident in yourself. You got this! We wish you luck in all your future job hunt endeavors.

 5 Ways to Be the Best Job Candidate

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