4 Essential Parts of Your Car You Must Maintain

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Car maintenance is essential. However, many struggling motorists across the UK will avoid booking their car in for a service this year to save money because of the current dire economic climate. What most people don’t stop to consider though, is that this could lead to a variety of mechanical complications with your car, and in the long run, it might prove to be a dangerous and costly error.

No matter what make your car is, no matter how much it cost to buy, or how much it’s worth now, a motor vehicle is a highly sophisticated piece of machinery made up from millions of different parts. It’s main purpose is to transport its occupants from A to B in the “safest” possible way. There are 4 expensive, and potentially dangerous risks that you’re taking if you fail to take your motor to the garage for a regular car service.

1) Air Conditioner

Most air conditioners stop working due to compressor failure. This occurs when the compressor belt has worn out or the condenser filters become clogged with dirt. Both of these situations can cause the air conditioning motor to overwork which will eventually result in it failing. Having your car serviced at regular intervals can help to avoid the costly damage of replacing the air conditioning motor by allowing a servicing technician to replace the belt or clean out a dirt air conditioning system.

2) Transmission

One of the most common problems caused by transmissions is a leak. If your car has a transmission leak you will notice a fluid mark left on the ground after your car has been parked for some time. If this problem goes unnoticed it can lead to transmission failure. Other problems that can cause your car transmission to fail are a lack of the necessary fluid needed to run efficiently, or the filter could become clogged with dirt. Each of these problems can be avoided by maintaining regular car servicing.

3) Brakes

Having your car brakes fail is one of the more scarier risks you face by avoiding regular car maintenance. Most drivers feel that they would know when a problem begins to occur with the brakes of their car, but what many fail to understand is that brake damage occurs gradually, meaning its quite difficult for a driver to notice changes to the car brakes, including drums, pads and calipers. If you don’t allow a mechanic to check your car brakes regularly the results could be catastrophic.

4) Engine

The engine of a car is the main mechanical component that allows it to run properly. Unfortunately there are many problems that can go wrong with the engine of car such as the air filter becoming clogged, which overworks the engine and is one of the major causes of car breakdown. The engine could run low on essential fluids causing overheating, or it could also develop an evaporative leak, which other than being a waste of money causes petrol to leak from the engine which could lead to it catching fire.

By listing these points we hope to make it obvious to you that while you may think you are saving some much needed cash by skipping your next car service, the truth is that you could end up spending a much larger amount by waiting until something has already gone seriously wrong. This cost isn’t always monetary either, sometimes the price is paid in lives.

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