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5 People You’ll Meet on April Fool’s Day (And How to Prank Them)

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Having trouble pranking some of your loved ones on April Fool’s Day because they just can’t seem to cooperate with you? Look no further! Here are some top notch prank ideas to remind your friends and family not to mess with you (aka the ultimate prankster).

For the person who doesn’t think anything is funny…

All the buzz kills out there are sitting ducks on April 1st. It may not be worth trying to make them laugh, but their lack of humor can make you laugh even harder. Try a sly switch in their cosmetic products for a subtly satisfying result.

Example: Fill a decoy toothpaste tube with marshmallow fluff…or mayonnaise.

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For the person who thinks mean jokes are funny and you’re tired of being called “Chubbo”…

Life is difficult enough without that naggy relative or frenemy getting you down. To combat their negativity on April Fool’s Day, a scare prank is the way to go.

Example: If the victim is someone in your house, plant a friend in a mask to stand in the shower behind the curtain. Tell the person you’re pranking to check the showerhead for a suspected leak, and listen for the scream.

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For the friend who takes too many selfies…

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is it not? Do some Facebook or Instagram stalking and recreate every selfie pose on your own. Try your best to reproduce outfits and settings as closely to the real thing as possible for an uncanny result! Present the photos to your friend on April Fool’s Day, and you’ll both get to laugh at them.

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For the one who thinks they have this April Fool’s Day thing down pat…

And then there are the cocky ones that think they can guess every trick in the book. They fall for nothing, and always turn the correct way wen you tap them on the shoulder. Worst of all, they give you an attitude and a smirk when you say you’ll get them. The solution? An anti-prank.

Example: Create an April Fool’s Day scavenger hunt that leads nowhere in particular—but preferably somewhere far, far away. Lead them to believe there is an end prize for the person that can outwit you.

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 For the parent…

To one-up the classic “I’m pregnant” April Fool’s Day prank, throw yourself an all-out baby shower. Invite friends, family (those in the area that are willing to hang out for a little while). Get “it’s a girl/boy” decorations, and top it all off with a cake that says “April Fools!”

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No matter who you try to prank this April Fool’s Day, using these suggestions as jumping off points you will be sure to succeed.