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Top Tips For Achieving That Fresh Look

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When it comes to our faces, just one sleepless night can make us look much older and tired. If you’re looking for a fresh look to your face, then you might want to try a few things to bring the glow back to your skin. Of course, a good night of sleep helps, but there comes a time in our lives when age starts to show on our faces.

For a really fresh look every day, you need to have a long hard look in the mirror. Try to work out why you’re looking a little more tired than usual. Are there bags under the eyes or lines across your forehead? Perhaps you are starting to notice your skin is a little dull these days? All of these things can be addressed and improved, so don’t panic.

Start with your diet and exercise plans. While having a facial steam is a great way to open the pores and clear out the skin, a good, sweaty workout can be a healthier approach. It reduces the risk of overheating the skin, and can also help you lose weight and improve your fitness. Sometimes, losing excess weight can slim down the face and help create a fresher look.

Your diet should include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. They are packed full of nutrients that nourish your skin. These vitamins and minerals are also rather good for ensuring you have strong nails and hair too. Fruit and vegetables can also be beneficial when applied directly to your skin. Have you tried cucumber slices over your eyelids?

Applying a revitalizing facial mask can be a great way to refresh the look of your skin. Some cool the skin while others heat it up to cleanse it. You should be left with softer, more radiant skin when it comes time to rinse it off. If you have sensitive skin, why not cool off some boiled water to rinse with? It is thought this can help avoid the drying effect that tap water can cause.


As we move through our twenties and on to our thirties, we notice those first few signs of aging. You can get a head start on them by maintaining a really good skincare routine. Cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day helps keep the skin soft, supple and fresh in appearance. Of course, getting older means fewer breakouts! If you do have a blemish, be wary of using teenage spot treatments. They can be too harsh on older skin, and cause it to dry out too much.

After a heavy night out, you may notice your skin is pale, dry and prone to dark circles. This can be due to dehydration. Sometimes, something as simple as drinking a pint of water can make the world of difference. Add some fresh lemon juice to help you cleanse out the toxins of the night before. Keep up your water intake to maintain a fresh look for your skin.

Getting and keeping a fresh look isn’t always easy, but it is possible with the right ingredients. Eat right, drink well and exercise daily to keep your face looking its best.

How do you keep your skin looking amazing?