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Can Cigarettes' Nicotine Boost Memory?

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While most people are fully aware of the many health risks that are associated with smoking cigarettes, very few are aware of the potential health benefits that come with tobacco too. Although almost a taboo to talk about, researchers have discovered that nicotine helps boost memory and intelligence, which have led to scientist’s efforts to produce a medication that simulates those active ingredients in tobacco, without all of those other detrimental health factors that have always been closely linked to smoking.

Not only does nicotine boost memory, it is also linked to normalizing the failing memory in elderly people and is able to improve a person’s attention span. This type of drug would stimulate brain cells and be a godsend for those millions of patients throughout the world who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Nicotine has also been shown to improve the learning and memory problems that have always been closely associated with hypothyroidism.

While these discoveries show that there are some positives from the body receiving nicotine, professionals in the medical fields say that by no means does this mean that anyone should smoke. The several health risks that smoking ushers in including heart disease, lung cancer, increased risk of stroke, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and many more, heavily outweigh the memory benefits provided by the nicotine you get from smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Cigarettes and Stress

Several different research studies are constantly looking in to how nicotine affects the body in many different scenarios. While the majority of these studies have been conducted on rats, scientists say that rats’ brain functions are very similar to those of human beings.

Much of the research has been conducted to gauge how nicotine can improve stress, as smokers all over the country tend to do the majority of their smoking when they become consumed by a stressful situation. This type of self-medication is of interest to scientists as to how and why it really works to relieve stress, and what positives can be derived from what was once thought to be nothing but a negative ingredient.

With stress causing harmful effects to the human brain and body, many of the studies have found that nicotine can reverse those stress-related brain malfunctions. The prospect of one day bottling up the most addictive ingredient in cigarettes and allowing it to assist those who suffer from many different diseases that strongly affect the human brain is without a doubt an exciting concept.

Electronic Cigarettes May Hold the Key

Electronic cigarettes provide a great amount of nicotine, without any of the other harmful toxins that normal tobacco cigarettes provide. While these are not completely safe and can contain as much as or more nicotine than regular cigarettes, they do offer a safer alternative for anyone who is looking to quit smoking or greatly improve their overall health. They are designed to look and feel just like a normal cigarette. E-cigarettes can also help to cut down costs because they are battery-powered and reusable.

E-cigs also have a positive impact on the environment. Throughout history, there have been many fires caused by lit cigarettes that have been forgotten. However, with the technology within electronic cigarettes, fires are no longer an issue. Nowadays, many public places claim to be smoking free environments, however, since these cigarettes do not emit any harmful effects of smells they can be smoked anywhere. They make the once seemingly impossible challenge of quitting smoking seem possible, and give hope to the millions who constantly struggle from this harmful addiction.

Using electronic cigarettes can give you the comfort which smoking a real cigarette would give you, but without the 4000 chemicals and carcinogens and all of the harmful side effects caused to you and those around you. Studies have shown the e-cig vapor to be potentially harmless to bystanders. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that e-cigarettes allow existing smokers the opportunity to enjoy their addiction to nicotine (or sensation of smoking) through a potentially safer form, and without causing as much harm to those around them.

If you’re serious about boosting your memory, nicotine is probably not the best way to go. We’re not trying to promote tobacco smoking or nicotine use, so if you’re a non-smoker, don’t pick up a pack of cigarettes or e-cigs because you want to boost your memory. You’ll be doing more harm to your body than good. But if you’re already addicted to nicotine and prefer to use it for its psychological and physical benefits, despite the potential side effects, you’re better off consuming your nicotine through a safe and potentially healthier method such as e-cigs.

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