5 Ways You’re Damaging your Hair without Knowing

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There are lots of things that we do on a daily basis that could be causing a lot more harm than we know, especially when it comes to hair. Not many people know the right way to take care of their hair and there is a clear difference between styling it and keeping it healthy. So, if you’re guilty of any of these bad habits, then it’s time to stop!

damaging your hair

Drying your hair too roughly

Your hair is in its most delicate state when it is wet and a bit of rough handling can easily split hairs, break them, or pull them out completely. Rather than scrubbing your hair with a towel and wringing it out, gently pat your hair with your towel and avoid pulling on it while it’s wet. To get rid of all of the moisture that hangs in the bottom of your hair, gently wrap the loose hair in a towel and lightly squeeze out the excess water – being careful not to twist the hair. You should leave your hair to air dry for a while before you attack it with a brush, too. Overall, treat your hair a bit more delicately

Washing your hair too often

Washing your hair to often can be a lot more damaging than you think and while hygiene is important, there really is no need to wash your hair on a daily basis. Your scalp produces something called sebum, which is a type of oil that protects and nourishes your hair and is the reason why your hair can begin to feel greasy after a few days of not washing it. When you wash your hair, you are stripping of the natural oils that are designed to keep it healthy.

If the ends of your hair are feeling really dry and brittle then it might be because you are not given enough time for the oil produced by your scalp to travel down the hair and reach the ends. So, try to avoid washing your hair every day. You probably only need to wash your hair 2 or 3 times a week and over time your hair won’t take as long to get greasy and will be well moisturised.

damaging your hair

Wear your hair in tight hairstyles

When you pull your hair too tightly into a hairstyle it can break the hairs and generally pulling the hair back can create a lot of tension on your scalp and irritate the roots of your hair. Persistently pulling on the hair – even gently – can cause hair loss and can either drastically thin your hair over time or cause bald spots to appear. This condition is often referred to as traction alopecia and is especially common amongst women that style their hair in tight braids or wear hair extensions that attach to existing hair. The best policy is to give your hair a breather and wear mostly loose hairstyles. Or, if you do wear a tight hairstyle, avoid keeping it tied back for long periods of time and give your hair and scalp a break when you can.

If your hair has only started to show the effects that you may be able to recover the health of your hair simply by visiting a dermatologist and letting your hair loose. Otherwise, if bald patches have already begun to show, you may need to book a Longevita hair transplant in Turkey. This company provide expert hair transplants for a fair price.

damaging your hair

Expose it to too much heat

When you expose you hair to high levels of heat, it can change the hydrogen bonds that hold your hair together. So, when you blow-dry your hair on a high heat, use a curling iron or straightener, or don’t protect it in the sun, your hair can eventually become dull and dry. To stop this from happening, try to let your hair dry naturally as often as possible and use heat protective products in your hair if you do expose your hair to heat.

Over-brushing and using the wrong brush

Not all brushes are made equal and different types of brushes are meant to be used in different ways to do different jobs – this is something that not everyone is aware of. When you buy your next hair brush you need to make sure that it’s the right brush for your hair. Brushes with finer bristles are meant to be used on finer hair and brushes with individually spaced bristles with coated tips are meant to be used on hair that’s thick and curly. Combes with wide teeth should also be used gently to untangle your hair after getting out of the shower. If you over brush your hair, you may have more split ends and breakages and the shininess of your hair after you have brushed it is the result of the oils in your hair being distributed evenly by the brush rather than indicating that your hair is healthy and strong.

There are lots of things that we do on a daily basis that could be damaging your hair than you know. Here are 5 of these bad habits.