7 Ways to Make Buying Gifts Better

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Some people look forward to the opportunity of buying a gift for someone that they know or care about; others hate it. If you’re in the latter of those two groups, buying a gift for someone is nothing but a chore and hassle. It’s quite stressful too, because you want to find a gift that they are going to love or at least appreciate and that’s not always going to happen. Instead, you might buy them something that they hate or are completely indifferent about. This isn’t so bad if you’ve only spent a little on a small gift. But what if you’ve bought something for someone that you care about that was substantially more extravagant? At that point, you’ve wasted a lot of money, and they are not going to get any enjoyment.

Luckily, there are ways to tackle the problem of gift giving and make things far simpler. We’ve got some ideas that are sure to help people who hate buying presents, even for people that they love.

1. Hire An Expert Shopper

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It is absolutely possible to hire someone who will buy the gift for you. Essentially, you can tell them everything you know about the receiver of the gift, and they’ll go out and buy something that matches them perfectly. That’s the idea at least, and you should be able to find a personal shopper online.

Unsurprisingly, this service doesn’t come cheap and could add at least a few hundred onto the cost of the actual gift. However, it might be worth doing for something like a special occasion where the gift is going to be expensive anyway to ensure that the present is perfect.

2. Don’t Fall Into The Obvious Traps

There are a few traps that people fall into when buying gifts for other people. One of the mistakes is to buy something you think they should want rather than something that they actually do want. Parents do this with their children all the time. “Darling we know you wanted a fighting robot, but we think you’ll find this science kit far more interesting.” The word interesting here can be replaced with educational. It’s not just parents that do this, though. “My mom has never seen this movie but I thought it was really great so I bet she will like it too.” Unless you know she’s liked similar films in the past, you’re essentially buying a gift for yourself. Instead, make sure any present you buy fits the person that you’re buying it for. Gift giving shouldn’t be a way of trying to improve other people.

For instance, if you know an agoraphobic, you shouldn’t be purchasing a meal out for them as a present. While in the long run, something like this might help them, the actual experience could be nothing short of torture. When you buy someone a present, you’re supposed to satisfy their sweet tooth rather than providing them their five a day.

3. Let Them Choose

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It might seem like a cheat to get them to buy their gift themselves. But if you are completely stuck for ideas, this might be the perfect option. There are still ways to make it feel like an actual present. For instance, you can buy them a gift card. With a gift card, you can place it inside a hand-written card and make it feel like a proper surprise present. You will still be able to show someone that you know what they want and understand who they are because there are gift card ideas for all their favorite stores and top brands. As such, it can still be a personal gift but requires very little effort.

4. Buy An Event

If you want a gift that is exciting and is sure to thrill someone, you’re probably looking for something like an event day. An example of this would be racing supercars around the track. But it doesn’t have to be that exhilarating. It could also be something like a hot air balloon ride. Or, perhaps a lunch at a fancy restaurant. Gift passes for experiences like this are available for purchase online at a variety of prices. They can cost anything from a hundred up to a few thousand. As always, make sure that this is the type of thing that the recipient would want. If someone is interested in racing a car around a track at high speed, they might have mentioned it at some point or another. And that brings us to our next point…

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5. Listen Up

Believe it or not, knowing what someone wants as a gift is all about listening when they speak or drop hints. When someone’s birthday is approaching, most people talk subtly about what they might want as a present. They tend to make sure that they get what they would like rather than receive shoddy gifts. So, if you want to get the right present, all you need to do is make sure you are listening for those hints. And don’t mistake a need for a gift idea. For instance, if someone says that their vacuum is broken, this isn’t something they want as a gift. It’s something they are going to replace themselves. Only select individuals would appreciate a practical item as a present.

6. Room For Two?

If you are worried that you’ve bought something they might not like, why not buy it for both of you? For instance, if you’re married, you could purchase a couple’s massage experience. It’s always fun to do something together! The money is not wasted, and you might find that sharing it with you makes it far more enjoyable for them.

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7. Ah, DIY

Finally, if you want a gift that is truly special for someone, you can consider making it yourself. You’ll find plenty of gift DIY guides online where you can create something truly unique and original. You may want to give yourself some time before you need to give the gift, though. It could take a few practice attempts before it starts to resemble something that is worth presenting.

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And there you have it! After reading these tips and tricks, you’re sure to be an expert on buying presents for even the most difficult of people.