Saving Money During the Winter Season

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trees covered in snowDuring the hot summer months, you are usually out and about more as the good weather provides a great excuse to go for walks in the park or eat out. That’s great, until the winter sets in and the cold nights start. There are so many ways for money to be wasted during the chilly season, so to save yourself some extra cash this winter, here are a few logical ideas on how to survive the cold inexpensively.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Well Sealed

If there are gaps around your window frames allowing air through, you are more likely to suffer with a nasty draught and possibly even some dampness. Once dampness sets in, it is a real problem to get rid of and can cause colds and illnesses to you and your whole family. Try using insulating tape to secure your windows and block that evil cold out. This will also help lower your heating costs as less heat is escaping through the windows.

Check Your Boiler Out

Think about whether or not you really need that boiler turned up all the way or could you manage with slightly cooler water when showering? If your boiler is turned up to the max, it takes more time to heat up the tank than it would if you adjusted the settings to a lower temperature.

Use Curtains

Investing in thicker, longer curtains is also a great money saver. Thick curtains block out the cold and keep the heat locked in. Therefore, if the glass is cold the curtains stop the nasty chill from entering the room, keeping the room warmer.
If you have central heating in your home, you may want to consider turning the thermostat down a few degrees to save money. Also, when you are absent from your home for any amount of time do not turn the heat off completely. When doing so, your heater uses twice as much energy and electricity when it comes to reheating the whole house again.

Cook Your Own Meals

By cooking your own meals instead of ordering take-out or buying microwaveable meals, you are providing yourself and your family with food that can be served twice when cooked in larger quantities. If you have any leftovers from your meals, add them all together and make a stew. Not only are you saving on spending money on individual meals but you are providing your body with a good nutritious meal, just what you need during the cold winter days.

Get Thrifty

Don’t go rushing out to buy brand new winter clothes. Instead, head to a few second hand stores and see what’s for sale. You may think that the Gucci coat you saw in the shopping mall the other day is the one for you, but what if you could have the same or similar coat for a fraction of the price? Second hand stores are packed with all sorts of clothes, so they are the ideal place to get your hands on a warm winter coat and maybe even some new boots.
Hopefully these tips on how to save money during the winter season will come in useful when those evil, chilly nights start coming, so sit back and laugh at winter instead of surrendering yourself to the cold.