Fly to Europe for as Low as $99!

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Iceland-based airline WOW air has just begun offering competitive rates for those traveling from Boston or Baltimore to Reykjavík, Iceland with rates expected to go as low as $99 for a one-way ticket. Unfortunately, you’ll have to travel to one of these airports to take advantage of this deal!

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Reykjavik, Iceland. Credit: WhygoIceland

Although Reykjavík may not be the first city that comes to mind when we day-dream about a European adventure, it has become a popular tourist destination because of the country’s natural beauty. Its quaint but vibrant city and the unbeatable airline and hotel prices create a perfect stopover vacation spot when traveling to Europe. Did I mention Iceland is also one of the best places to see the Northern Lights? My cousin and his fiancé recently visited the city and I poured through their Facebook albums surprised that I had never considered Iceland as a travel destination. It has also recently become a popular tourist spot because of the HBO series Game of Thrones and the films, Prometheus and Interstellar. All have used Iceland as a filming location. 

Northern lights in Iceland

Northern Lights. Credit: Guide to Iceland

Competitively priced airlines can allow you to travel on a budget whether you are planning a trip in a couple of weeks or months down the line. Below are rates for the next several months departing from Boston’s Logan International airport. I’ve spent so much more on domestic flights in the United States. It seems hard to fathom that a flight to Europe could be priced so low. It can be discouraging to plan a trip to Europe when airfare alone costs so much, but with more affordable flights, there’s no reason not to hop on a flight and explore the city or country you’ve always dreamed about seeing!

Airfare for the next few months with Wow air

Fly to Europe cheap with WOW air!

If Iceland isn’t your cup of tea, WOW air offers flights to several other European cities although they may run you a little more than $161. Regardless, even the flights to larger cities like London and Berlin are still drastically cheaper than what most major airlines offer. Since the airline offers such affordable ticket prices, it’s important to double check the other fees and charges you can accrue. For example, checking your bags will cost you more than average, but you can save almost $20 if you choose to check your bag online and not when checking in at the airport.  Despite the fees, there is no doubt that WOW offers the most affordable transatlantic flights around. I don’t doubt that they will continue to be successful and offer flights from more American cities in the future. We can only hope that other airlines see how successful WOW has been in the first week of offering flights from the United States and start to price their own flights more competitively.



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Fly to Europe for as Low as $99!