How to Start Exercising Regularly

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Everyone wants to be fit and healthy. It can be tough if you haven’t done exercised before and it will take more than you think to get into it. There are various tactics you can try to employ but different things work for different people. The trick is finding someone that works for you but you need to be prepared to use a bit of trial and error to find it. Here are some top tips to get you started in the world of exercise and to conquer those newbie worries.

Get Help If Needed

You may need to invest some time in informing yourself. Read all you can about exercise. This can be researching methods of exercise or information regarding the human body. Knowing how it works means you can target your exercise and get the best out of it. On the same note, you could also consider personal training options. Getting Professional expertise tailored to you can get the best results in the quickest period of time. This isn’t just a personal trainer either you can use a nutritionist who can help you eat right.

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Do What You Enjoy

If exercising is a chore, then you will see it being harder and harder to get done. But if you enjoy it, then you will actually want to participate. Find out what you enjoy. If you enjoy team sports then try to play football as often or possible. Racket sports are good too and similar to interval training, so badminton or tennis can be great ways to stay fit. Swimming and cycling are also two viable options that can get you started in a way of ease, meaning you can start on lower levels and gradually increase your output until you are of a competitive level.

Set Goals

If you are going it alone you need to set goals to measure performance. If you don’t you have nothing to benchmark yourself against and can’t check improvement. These goals can be anything you feel you can measure against. A popular choice is weight loss, another is how long you can exercise for without stopping. Again, the best bet is to work out in a way that works for you and stick to it. There will be a frustrating period where you need to ascertain what works best for you but it’ll be worth it when you get out of it.

Be Hard On Yourself

You’ll never get anywhere with exercise if you let yourself off of skipping sessions or not giving it your all. Be accountable and be hard on yourself. That way, you will get to where you want to be. A great way around this is by using a training partner so you have a competitive level of motivation but ultimately the only person responsible for your best success will be you. If you miss a session then make up for it the day after. Protect your time allocated for exercise and make sure they know how important it is to you.


Starting to exercise regularly is no easy task. It takes quite a while for an activity to become a habit, but don’t be discouraged if this goal isn’t easy to achieve! In the end, it will be worth it.


  • Just like everything else, exercising is a habit that you want to get used to and you really have to do it regularly until it becomes part of your system. I think these are helpful tips!

  • Travel Blogger

    Great tips! I love to hike so I try to pick hard hikes with a great view at the top. It feels rewarding and it counts as a workout, but I don’t feel like it was miserable like I feel on a treadmill.

  • I would like to be more active in my exercise but with some health issues I am not able to do so as much as I would like. Your tips are great and so it is possibly the fact I need to figure out what exercise would work with my back issues.-commenting as Mom Blog Society.

  • Chei Pangan

    Awesome tips! This is what i need! Need to do exercise for a healthy living!

  • Faith Elijahleen Stephenson

    great tips! this is my 2017 goal and i hope i can keep exercising regularly!

  • What motivates me to keep working out is how it makes my body feel. When I think of my workout as a stress reliever and way to keep healthy and strong I don’t mind putting in the work.

  • AJMoneyMatters

    I look at exercise as my ‘me time’. After a long day at work, I would just need some time away from my computer, my phone and just have a good sweat session. I love finding workout tips on Instagram as well, there are so many videos with unique workout ideas i’ve implemented into my routines.