Why Running Isn’t As Bad As You Think

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Most people see running as the ultimate exercise to increase their fitness and maintain a healthy balanced body. The problem with the perception is that it puts the less fit and active off. There is also lots of talk about injuries that are possible to sustain when running. But I’m here to dispel these myths and show you that running isn’t as bad as you might think it is.


I can’t run

Ok, when people say that they can’t run, what they really mean is that they can’t run fast. But guess what, even if you are running, jogging or walking slow, you are still lapping those people on the couch!

Few people have the body condition to start running 10K straight away. Like anything that is worthwhile doing it’s important that you start small and build up slowly to your goal. There are plenty of couch to 5K plans to get you started.

In fact, there is an added bonus is doing it this way. You demonstrate to your body and mind that you have stamina and discipline. This strength can be transferred into other areas of your life and help you gain success there too.

I’ll injure myself

There is a lot of negative media about injuries that occur during running. But the truth of the matter is that there is always a chance of injury in any physical activity, even bending over to put your socks on!

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But there are things that you can do to minimise the risk of getting injured when running.

Stretching well before each run is essential to elongate the muscles and make sure not too much pressure is put on yours joints. It’s also important to warm up properly with a slower jog as you start. Don’t forget to cool down either in the same way, because this gets rid of a lot of the lactic acid build up in your muscles, which will mean less pain after a run.

It’s not safe

Depending on where you live, some people can find running inconvenient. The is because they don’t like to run when it gets dark or for long stretches when they are alone. Of course, it’s easy to solve this dilemma and still keep up with your running practice by getting a treadmill for your home. You can find the best treadmills for home here, so you can run without worry.

I’ll look stupid


Many people are self-conscious about the way that they run. They have this idea that runners are skinny people in spandex that look fantastic even though they have run 30 miles in the sweltering heat. This is not the case! Most runners are sweaty and hot, and bits of their body are sore from rubbing against their clothes.


If this is really affecting you, build you confidence you by using a treadmill at home, until you feel on a par with other runners in your areas. But do be too worried about what others think of you. Remember you’re doing it for you, not them!

Why Running Isn't As Bad As You Think