4 Essentials You Should Have on Your Wedding Registry

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If you are not subscribed to the Millennial Minute Newsletter, you probably haven’t heard the news that I’m engaged! Eeeek! My boyfriend Chris popped the question this summer, and we are so excited about tying the knot next year.

wedding registry since engagement

That’s me! Only a few days after my engagement

Once the initial excitement dissipated, then we had a slight panic. Oh, crap we have to plan a wedding! I had all these questions in my head like what do I do first, where will we get married? When? Where? Who do we invite? Is it going to be a big wedding or a small one? It does not make things easier since you are getting these questions from your loved ones almost immediately.


So we decided almost immediately that we were not going to let wedding planning stress us out. We decided that we wanted to wait to get married a little over a year which gives us some time to get our thoughts straight before we jump into the real planning. In the meantime, we are just going to enjoy being engaged and do the fun stuff that comes with planning a wedding like working on our Pinterest board, talking through wedding themes and getting our wedding registry going.

Chris and jasmine getting married.

Chris and I were taking pics by the lake.

I decided to lead the way and get the wedding registry part started. There are so many options out there for registries out there, and I already knew where the best place to register was…Macy’s of course. If you have not read my excellent Macy’s shopping story, then I highly suggest you read it because Macy’s is not afraid to go above and beyond for their customers, not to mention, they have amazing sales every year. Did I mention that they currently have an Extra 15% off your wedding gift purchase with code WEDDING? Shop now at macys.com! Valid 9/1-9/30. Exactly why I love them! Why not get everything I want and offer some savings to my wedding guests at the same time?

Macy's wedding registry

So that’s where we will be registering. But even this simple task of registering is a little complicated. When you create your wedding registry with Macy’s they, ask you about your style and also recommend a few categories for you to choose from. Here I want to share a few wedding registry essentials you shouldn’t forget when getting your list together.

A Wedding Registry is a two-person project

Firstly, I think it is worth noting that creating a wedding registry is something that should be a two-person activity. Even if your partner tells you they do not care what you add to it, they will care later on once it arrives and it is something they begin using regularly. Plus, I think this is a fun activity to do together because you get an opportunity to talk about your future together and get a feel for one another’s’ expectations when you talk details like decor and kitchenware. Speaking of, let’s start talking through the essentials, shall we?

Home Decor


Chris and I already live in a house together and since our moving in with one another, we have managed to accumulate some items together. But many of the items we still own is a mix of the things we had when we lived separately and kind of put our stuff together. So we never really got together and said, yes, this is how we will decorate our home. Doing the registry together is a great way to have your chance at decorating together. A few things we made sure to include on our registry include:

Bedroom and Bath Essentials


Next, comes the bedroom. When we move into our house, the first room I knew we had to focus on looking great was our bedroom. Decorating the bedroom is important because it is more than just a place where you go to sleep. It is your relaxation sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house, at least mine is. Chris and I painted the walls a relaxing blue color and got a light colored dresser to fit the airy feel of the walls. But other than that, that is where our bedroom decor stopped. A few things we are making sure to include on our registry for our bedroom include:

Kitchen, of Course


I think the kitchen category almost always dominates any wedding registry, and for good reason. Our kitchenware is a weird mix of our past, and we buy special kitchenware as we need them instead of buying sets all at once. A wedding registry is a perfect excuse to get you kitchen set together. Once I get my new kitchenware, I vow to be rid of every dull knife, chipped plate and dented appliance. A few key things on my list include:

Cleaning and Organizing


Lastly, comes the organizing and cleaning area. Cleaning and organizing items don;t get enough credit. I truly feel that you can live your happiest life when you are not surrounded by clutter. And when you have proper storage and cleaning items, your life is clutter free! I tend to get excited when it comes to useful organizing and cleaning tools. I few items I will make sure to include the following:

And there you have it! My fiance’ Chris and I are still working on our list, but we have plenty of time for it. If you are also recently engaged, I suggest you take the same advice that was given to me by many other previous brides. Enjoy being engaged! You have plenty of time to plan a wedding.

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  • Alli Smith

    It was only a few months ago when I helped my daughter and now husband set up their wedding registry. I love that they both participated in choosing items for their home.

  • Paula

    A wedding registry is so helpful when you’re first starting out on your wedding journey. A GOOD wedding registry is a life saver.

  • More Like Twins

    Congratulations to you! I wonder when my boyfriend would actually propose to me. Haha. Thanks for the tips btw ;)

  • Liz

    Congratulations!!!! That’s so exciting!!

  • Jeanette

    Congratulations! That is so cool. You have a very good idea of what she go on her registry. For me I wanted kitchen stuff. But I probably should’ve registered for more organizational stuff.

  • Congratulations! I actually don’t plan on getting married but it’s always so fun seeing how excited people get over them!

  • Congrats on the engagement, this is such an exciting time. I hate that people immediately start asking wedding details like you’ve been planning a wedding for months. I love that the two of you decided to just be in the moment and take your time.

  • Mary Edwards

    Congratulations! You two are adorable-love the photo. I agree with your list. #1 being kitchen items. The hand me downs from my mom did not suffice, so those kitchen gifts were much needed.

  • Congratulations! How exciting and stressful! These are all great ideas. I have a wedding to go to in December so thanks so much for the gift ideas!

  • megkerns

    YAY engagement, I am so excited for you! Kitchen, Kitchen, KITCHEN! We still use many of our items from our registry over 5 years later!

  • New kitchenware would definitely be on my registry if I were getting married. Half my pots and pans are super old and definitely need to be replaced!

  • Amanda Love

    Planning a wedding will always be stressful and it’s important that you are going to do it together. Love your tips on building a registry, very organized and it’s all that you’re to need.

  • sara

    I barely remember registering for my wedding 26 years ago. I know that I loved all the kitchen items I chose and believe it or not, I still have a few items in my current kitchen!

  • Great tips for a marriage registry. Fun plus important stuff.Congratulations on your upcoming life event????

  • Teresa Gilbert

    Great tips, as a wedding is someday in my future :)

  • I’m totally passing this on to my friend who is engaged! GREAT post!

  • I got so overwhelmed with planning our wedding in 2011 I just said lets go to city hall. lol. Now I want to renew our vows in 2021 and do it the right way. I didn’t even have a dress. lol. I was so overwhelmed planning.

  • You’ve got your wedding registry covered! and you are right, it is a two person thing!

  • Farrah Less Gomez

    Congratulations to both of you! Planning a wedding can be stressful nowadays. Good thing the wedding registry is there to help out soon to be couple to kinda plan what things do they need without having their guest a hard time.