How to Develop an Effective Career Plan for Yourself

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Career development is not a one time and easy activity. It involves several processes and components that should be simultaneously undertaken by an individual. Step by step procedures should be done in order to successfully achieve the goal of better careers.

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In the workplace, rankings and positions are widely observed and practiced. This includes the CEO, directors, managers, workers compensation attorney in Rochester, and the common office employees. All these personnel is becoming more competitive and spirited to continuously cope up with the dynamics and the work conditions. They think of taking chances to improve and develop one’s career.

An effective and careful planning is highly recommended to become more efficient and attain a more successful career path. Several tips are available in order to develop and help one in setting a particular career development goal.

Set realistic goals

Make a list of goals that are achievable, attainable and under one’s control. Post this list in places that are easily visualized and seen to serve as great reminder and motivations at all times. Evaluate one self to know whether the capabilities, talents, and skills are aligned with these goals, either it is short term or long term goals.

Make your steps measurable

The goals listed must include a certain time frame that is broken down into smaller tasks for easier management and supervision. This should have specific timelines for every step, from the start to the end of the goal. This will determine if the goals written were achieved or not. Moreover, this will measure the pacing of the goal, whether one is on track, behind the deadlines or in an advance rate towards achieving.

Be specific & flexible

At all times, give specific details and facts about a particular goal. It should always include detailed descriptions and measures on how to achieve and to act on the listed goals. If troubles and obstacles are encountered never ever give up. Instead look into the brighter side of life and modify one’s goal accordingly. Remember to cross out the modified goals and the least important on the list. This will allow one to push through with the goals and opportunities that are more important and attainable.

career plan

Analyze your personality & dream job

This includes a lot of questioning to oneself to determine the real motive and desires of the heart. Ask and analyze one self by answering self-assessment test. Some common questions to be asked include the likes and dislikes of the person, the routines, and changes that one can handle as well as attitude towards things and other people. Also, take a time to brainstorm about the different jobs available. Determine things that are of great interest to the person. Look, explore and welcome new ideas for a better career and development.

Analyze your definition of success

Sit down, think and analyze what success really means. Take time to think what is really wanted and enjoyed. Know whether it involves material things and wealth, great power and authority, or being contented with the simple things in life.

Tie an action to each goal

It is necessary to act well and perform on the goal. Research and know several courses and opportunities that can be tied with the chosen goal or field. Make oneself available in attending events that shadows and showcases one’s personality and professionalism. Open doors to several opportunities though socialization.



Use the SMART goals more often. This is a very powerful mnemonic that is used in goal making

S – Specific: it should include well defined and specific information about the goal

M – Measurable: it should provide a milestone or track progress to increase motivation

A – Attainable: it should be achievable through exerted efforts and hard works

R – Relevant: it should focus mainly on the overall impact of the person

T – Time Bound: it should be established and achieved with enough given time

Others versions of this SMART mnemonic are available. But whatever are the variations, this should serve as the best guidelines and useful ways to use in goal planning and career development.

Suspend logic and pragmatic thinking

Always think that everything is possible. No matter how difficult things can get, know that there is always a solution. Never think negatively as this will just block and hinder one from the good things to come. Remember that everything can be changed with proper planning and actions.

Review your career vision statement regularly

Always see and check the things listed. Determine areas that need improvement and areas that are already achieved. Review and analyze things to make necessary modifications and changes in order to easily attain a particular goal. Never fear changes as this will set better standards through time.


Nowadays, a lot of self help exercises are available to determine the extent or capacity of a person. This will enlighten one as to having a clear vision and outlook in life. Moreover, tips and techniques can be used to better enhance ones capabilities. Putting these all together, with a positive outlook in life, one will definitely progress and be successful.