Women’s Appreciation Series: LC Coleman

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Meet LC Coleman, founder of Colored Girl Confidential, a website that inspires young women to find balance in their lives on their own terms. LC is passionate about empowering young women and her website does just that. LC strives to help young women of color find their place in the world. She is a passionate, smart entrepreneur, which makes her the ideal candidate for our Women’s Appreciation Series!  Learn more about her and her awesome website below:

1. What inspired you to found Colored Girl Confidential?

I once asked a passionate women’s rights activist what inspired her to do the work that she did, despite how challenging and sometimes even dangerous it was. She looked at me and said, “As hard as this work is, it would be harder for me NOT to do it.” When I started CGC, I was in a predominately white, male business sector. As a black woman, I felt that there were things that weren’t being discussed and experiences that weren’t “mainstream” enough to be shared. I knew I wanted to create a community where those types of experiences could be analyzed, discussed, or celebrated. Keeping up the site is hard work but it would be harder for me NOT to do it.
2. What are you most proud of?
I am proud of everything I have accomplished so far – not because of the accomplishments themselves but because of the bravery it took to stop waiting for permission and start creating my own sacred spaces (like the CGC blog) and my own career opportunities. I know this is something a lot of women struggle with and something that I struggled with as well!
3. Who has impacted you most in your career and how?
My mom, definitely. When I was younger, my mom shocked everyone and quit her stable, well paying Wall St. job to pursue a career as a writer. She eventually became incredibly successful but there were a lot of bumps along the road. Regardless, she is the one who showed me that sometimes you have to follow your dreams, even when no one else understand your dreams like you do. She also showed me that there’s no such thing as instant success but that doesn’t mean you won’t eventually be incredibly successful!
4. What would be your inspirational message to young women who are struggling to fulfill their dream?
Don’t give up. It sounds so cliché but success takes time and most people don’t get there because they don’t have the patience. Also, if you’re trying one strategy to get where you want to go and it’s not working, do some research and then tweak your strategy or pivot all together. Don’t just stick with one thing that isn’t working and feel like that means your dream will never come true. You may just need to go another route!
5. What is the best piece of advice you have for women who are trying to find out who they are and what career they want?
Try things. So often we grow up with one idea of what we want… then we get that thing and we are shocked when, well, we don’t really love it the way we thought we would. Think of your career as a strategic game of trial and error. You’re never going to get it completely right the first time but each experience should teach you something. If you keep moving towards the things that make you happy (as you discover them via trial and error), you will eventually land in your perfect career.
6. Besides blogging & inspiring young, colored women, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Spare time? What is that? Just kidding! I’m actually a huge nerd. I love to read. I keep a book in my purse at all times! When I’m not reading, I love cooking, chilling with friends, and watching ridiculous amounts of HGTV. I also love looking fly but I hate shopping. Go figure.
7. What advice would you give to women interested in becoming a successful online blogger or founding their own blog?
Take my Blogger’s MBA course! In lieu of that, do the research, invest the time, and put out something quality from day one. If your blog looks amateurish, no one will respect what you have to say even if your content is great.
8. What do you love most about your profession?
I love that it’s mine. I’m doing it because it’s what I love – not because I feel like I “should” be doing it or because someone else had this dream for me and I just adopted it because I didn’t know what else to do. I also love connecting with my amazing readers and clients. I feel as close to them as I feel to some of my “real life” friends!
9. Where do you see Colored Girl Confidential five years from now?
Five years from now I see CGC as a well-known online destination for fierce women of color with big dreams. I’m working to introduce some new community components to the site in the coming months that hopefully will allow readers to connect with and support one another. I’d like to grow my readership base and plan to continue raising my voice and insisting that women of color have something to say and that we deserve to be heard!
LC Coleman