How Women Can Take the Risk and Own Their Own Business

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As a woman, starting a business can seem daunting. But when you apply the Meditation & Margaritas philosophy to your business and life, it becomes much easier.

I’ve worked behind the scenes with New York Times Bestselling authors, Grammy award winning musicians, highly paid TED Talk presenters, others who have started women’s movements, neuroscientists, famous artists, and young women just launching their careers. One thing that all these women have in common is that they know who they are and use that to build the careers they deserve. The most successful women are the ones that use their feminine strengths and diversity to blaze their own trails.

Meditation and Margaritas was born out of my personal journey but the trend that is helping women achieve more success is nationwide. I began as a Korean orphan raised as an adoptee in a small farm town in the Pacific Northwest, and became a jet-setting celebrity talent scout and producer. After whirlwind years traveling around the world with celebrities and living the high life, I took a step back and had to ground myself by spending a year meditating in silence in Myanmar. As a determined woman with endless options, you need to know what makes you unique beyond your business and what experiences you can draw on that make you authentic and bold. The polarization of the two sides of your personality provide balance that allows you to dream yet be realistic and practical.

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Have Confidence

According to a Yale study outlined in The Atlantic, women often have less self-confidence than men even if they have the same qualifications to complete the job. They often don’t believe in their abilities as much as men and are less likely to start businesses unless they are sure of their abilities and of success. You can avoid becoming a part of this statistic by embracing your femininity to bolster your ability to sell products and services with integrity. While women are breaking more barriers than ever before, men still earn higher paychecks than women, so your future profits and credibility depend on it.

Use Your Womanhood

Women have continually been told that to succeed in the business world, they must completely shut off their femininity and act like a man. What we are seeing in the modern business environment is not only is that no longer true, but also that those differences are an asset. Studies show that women as a whole are better at multitasking than men and are able to juggle multiple projects at the same time, as well as communicate and build stronger long-term relationships.

Femininity is not a four letter word and denying certain aspects of your personality as an individual and just as importantly as a woman is a recipe for failure.

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Manage the Changing Environment

Millennials enter a business world that is light-years away from that of their grandparents. The glass ceiling has been cracking for a long time. Although it is still there, many forward thinking women are shattering it. More women are in the workforce than ever before and more are securing leadership roles.

Meditation & Margaritas

When you follow the Meditation & Margaritas philosophy, the natural feminine traits that you have that help you excel in business become clear. You stop worrying about the next gal (or guy) and feel empowered use your skillset to reach your goals.

The Margaritas side represents that driven people oriented part of you that helps you make and maintain relationships and keep the high energy, multitasking windmill churning. Margaritas was what I was drinking when I was jet setting. It was the hype. The high-octane business drive.

Meditations is that calm and contemplative side that often gets pushed aside in the hustle and bustle of starting your own business. It is the part that takes a step back to analyze life and the current situations. It is the part that quietly looks at all aspects of a project and creates long-term goals. It is the side that rests, but not idly. It is the quiet moments of reflection that let you shape your vision and plan your path.

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Implement Best Practices

The first step in starting your own business is integrating the best practices from what I like to call the “Thought Leader’s Inner Circle.” These are the four most influential groups of individuals and companies in the world:

  1. Celebrities
  2. Public Figures
  3. Successful Self-Made Entrepreneurs
  4. Fortune 500 companies

Without this, your potential for success is mediocre because you’re not getting the best information from the best sources.

This is a logical step that means you’ve done your homework and it’ll put you ahead of 99% of the people out there, as no successful business was created without knowing the successes and failures of those who had gone before them. Once you know what works and what doesn’t, you need to carve your own path and break the rules. This means taking the knowledge you have and using your own creativity to stand out.

You are a young woman with unique capabilities and talents. Use your meditative side to create a solid business plan and master multitasking with all of the details that go into planning. The confidence that women so often lack shines when they present their vision to others.

Use your Margaritas side to network, have fun, and make the human connections needed to launch and handle the daily stresses. Then balance out both to take the time to relax with a bubble bath and a Margarita in your hand at the end of a productive day.


The worst part of deciding if you want to start your own business or not is worrying about failure while knowing that you are currently settling for less. Your earning potential is way more than what you’re making now, so how many opportunities and precious moments have passed you by already? The belief in yourself and your abilities starts by understanding yourself and the ways that you can harness your unique talents to make your endeavors a success. If starting a business is your dream, you really can’t afford NOT to believe in yourself and make it happen. Launch your business. The world needs more courageous and diverse multitasking women to lead in the future. We are waiting for you.


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The worst part of deciding if you want to start your own business or not, is worrying about failure while knowing that you are currently settling for less.