Why You Need a LinkedIn Profile

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linkedin.com logoMost people are on Facebook and Twitter but I still meet a lot of young women who aren’t using LinkedIn. You should be. Let’s talk about why.

If you’re new to the idea of LinkedIn, it’s a network of professionals and a place to meet and connect with like-minded pros in your field. Besides getting hired or finding employees, LinkedIn allows you to identify professionals with similar skillsets.

Sharing valuable information is the standard “net currency” and how you build trust, credibility, and make people listen to you. Your currency with people is only as good as your information and it’s no different on LinkedIn. Offering whitepapers and other informative materials is a great way to establish credibility and grow your network and you can do that by using box.net with LinkedIn.

How It Works

Here’s a great video to explain how LinkedIn can help you with branding. Recommending people and asking for recommendations on LinkedIn is super important. Plus, there is nothing more powerful than honest testimonials from people who have worked with you!

Another point in the video talks about LinkedIn’s link-consolidation ability and the benefits of joining groups. It really does say something about your brand to let people see what types of groups you are a part of. Help people to understand you by showing them what you support.

Just Imagine…

A majority of your female friends are linked to a particular doctor or medical establishment. You also see that this person or establishment has received many recommendations from your friends. If you needed a new doctor, wouldn’t this be a great way to find one? This will work the same for any and all solutions you need. Instead of calling all your friends and having lengthy conversations there is a place where you can do your own research and find information from multiple sources at one time, all from your computer.

Make sure to upload a good photo and fill out your profile COMPLETELY. Join groups you support and post helpful documents. Get to know LinkedIn and soon you will find that you are the one trying to explain to your fans and friends why LinkedIn is so great.