Things To Consider When Applying to Graduate School

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There are a plethora of things to figure out when you decide to go to graduate school.The first decision to make is what occupation you want to have after graduation and what degree is best to attain in order to reach your goal career. When you decide on a type of a degree, you need to speak with an advisor or do research on which graduation test is necessary (MCAT, LSAT, GRE, etc.) and when those are normally taken. Advisors can give information on what preparation classes are offered, what study material is available, how many time you are allowed to take the test, and what scores will get you into graduate schools. I was a member of my undergraduate school’s Law Society and they gave me a ton of tips. I ended up taking mine in the winter of my junior year to get a head start. When you get the results I highly recommend another meeting with you advisor to discuss your options at this point.

My next step was trying to decide what part of the country was right for me to live in. I decided to stay close to home. I found a website that helped me get the statistics on all the law schools in the area and started slowly narrowing it down by price, class size, availability of scholarships, etc. Once I got it narrowed down to a few different schools, I took a tour of each school. Touring the school is a must before you go there! I have had so many friends decide they didn’t like the atmosphere of the school after it was too late. Transferring graduate schools is a lot harder than transferring when you are an undergraduate. I found the school that I believe was right for me after taking a tour, going to a luncheon that they offered to meet the professors, and talking to the financial aid office about available scholarships.

My decision wasn’t quite as hard as I thought it would be, but I think starting early helped me a great amount. My biggest pieces of advice is start researching schools early and apply ASAP so you aren’t later trying to plan graduate school while you are finishing up papers and studying for exams.

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