Secure That Promotion By Proving You’re A Great Leader

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The world of work is dog eat dog. There are so many people trying to fill so few positions that you really need to stand out if you want to get ahead. Doing your work quickly and efficiently, to a high standard, is good but it’s what’s expected of you anyway. If you aren’t already doing that then you can forget that promotion. Getting to the top means going above and beyond your normal duties to show that you are cut out for a position with more responsibility. The best way to do this is to show that you are a good leader. That doesn’t mean just bossing people around and delegating work, there’s more to it than that and not many people have what it takes to be a great leader in the workplace. If you’re chasing promotion, here are a few tips to help you get a leg up on the competition.

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Communication skills differentiate a good from a bad leader. Somebody that talks down to the people under them and shouts orders at them is not going to command the respect of their employees. That respect is key to being an effective leader. You don’t want to be forcing people to do things, you want to inspire them to work hard alongside you. Whenever you are communicating anything, think carefully before you speak to make sure that you are respectful, clear, and professional.


Organization is also important. You won’t get very far if you are all over the place. Being able to organize other employees without taking over and being bossy is a great skill to have. Perhaps consider taking an online master’s in organizational leadership to add these new skills to your portfolio. You’ll be able to show your boss that you are always prepared for any eventuality and can quickly organize a team.


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Conflicts will inevitably happen in the workplace and they can be a great way to test your skills as a leader. The way that you deal with any conflicts will demonstrate to your employers that you have what it takes to move up to the next level in your career. Trying to avoid conflict in the first place is obviously best. Be aware of your coworker’s work styles and the things that are likely to cause conflict. It won’t go unnoticed if you manage to head off problems before they happen.

If they do happen, which they will at some point, the most important thing to remember is to stay impartial. Taking sides will only show your boss that you don’t have the maturity to progress within the company. Speak to both sides separately and find out what their issues are, then come up with a resolution that pleases both of them. Try to identify any larger, underlying issues that could cause more problems in future and address those as well.

These qualities are becoming increasingly important in the workplace. As the number of college graduates rises, your qualifications are worth a lot less than they used to be. Getting further qualifications on top of your undergraduate degree, and proving that you have developed skills in the workplace is the way to get ahead.

If you’re chasing promotion, here are a few tips to help you get a leg up on the competition, including proving you're a great leader.