Orientation Overwhelmed

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I just finished a day and a half long orientation at the University of Toledo’s College of Law. So many speakers and information!  I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t extremely nervous to go, but as always I made it so much more stressful in my mind. I found two people that actually went to my undergraduate school who I didn’t know all that well, but we became friends. The school did a great job of breaking us up into different groups every now and again to meet new people. I even met a judge and a practicing lawyer in the Toledo area.

I made quite a few friends today and met some people I was going to have classes with, so I am not quite as nervous for Monday to roll around.  I have homework and I need to complete for Monday; however, I should probably buy the books first.  I would have to say the most intimidating part of the day was walking into the school alone, not knowing anyone. This quickly vanished when I realized most people weren’t from around the area and needed to make friends too. The second most intimidating part of the day was hearing the head of financial aid speak. She made me extremely overwhelmed by the instructions she was giving and the numbers she was spewing. I think scaring us when we already know we are going into major debt is not very helpful!

Overwhelmed by the information given during my orientation for law school.