The Career Check: When You Want To Move But Not Sure Where

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Sometimes work can get you down. Often it is just a downturn that can be flipped around with enough motivation and determination. However, sometimes that does not happen. It just doesn’t get better. In these cases, you should start to consider some kind of career move.

Many people embark on career moves ever single year. Yet it is those who put in the research and hard work that make the best of it and who can really enjoy their transitions. Sometimes you won’t know what you want to do, all you will know is that you want to leave your current job. Perhaps you could set up your own business, perhaps you could go freelance, or get into a completely different  industry. There are many different things you can consider.

However, you should kind of know the area you want to get into before leaving your current role. This is because the need for an income could force you into a job you don’t really want. Do your research in your current role and then gradually move towards the job you want. Even if you don’t know what you want to do right now, after some investigation you could work it out, and this article can help you do it. No one can make the decision but you, and don’t let your current situation force you into making the decision early. You may not be doing well at work but take solace from that fact.

Consider Helping People

If you are so inclined, a career in health care could be the answer to your problem. Some people are naturally inclined to help others. And it brings great satisfaction to come home from work knowing you have done something to benefit someone else’s life. This comes in all forms. You may need to embark on a lengthy degree to be able to practice medicine, but there are other things you can do that facilitate the helping of others. You could consider a health care administration degree online, or maybe some other kind of help.

How about being a social worker? Or working for a charity. Sure, these may be lesser-paying jobs, but the reward factor is huge and can really be what you need after slugging it through your current job. You could get involved with local community projects. If it puts a smile on your face, then you should see if you can forge a career out of it.

An offshoot of these would be considering the emergency services. The police, fire, and ambulance help people in some way, shape or form, so doing one of these can help you get to where you need to be. They come with good benefits and pensions too, so that could offshoot the drop in pay.

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Consider your Passions

Look at your passions. Then think of the jobs that surround them. It is the dream to make money doing something you love. If you can find a way to do it, then go for it. Perhaps you are into football, maybe you can get into coaching. If you like art then consider becoming an artist or some kind of designer. People do these jobs everyday, they are out there you just need to be determined and really strive to get what you want.

Certain passions may be harder to make money from than others. You just need to think outside the box and really try to consider what things you can do to make money from what you love. For example, if you love hiking, perhaps become a park ranger,or look into guided hill walks. There are all kinds of alternatives to all passions and hobbies, you just need to be clever about it to find your perfect niche.

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Source: The Working Parent

Go Freelance

Why not take what you do in your day job and become in charge of your own time? Granted, you may not be in a position to do this depending on your current career. If you can though it could be a viable option that helps you get out of the rut. You need to find the work when it is available and try your hardest to land it. Which can either be a great thrill or a cause of constant heartache.

Freelance isn’t for everybody and you need to make sure you do your research before hand. It does mean you get to choose your own working hours and the people you work for. It could even mean you get to work from home in some sense. If freelancing appeals to you, you can get more information about it here. One bit of advice, try to line up your first work before you leave your current role to aid the general transition.

Set Up Your Own Business

Perhaps the career you are in has been enough because you are sick of being bossed around. Maybe it is time to go it on your own. Could you do a better job in some way? There is a lot to consider when setting up your own business. Luckily for you, there are thousands of guides out there. If you are going into business in the same niche that you currently work you will already have a decent knowledge base and can use that to succeed, if you want to do something else then you will need to put in a whole lot of work before you can set up.

You need to find your niche, and get together a great plan that will see you through. Remember, most businesses fail in their first year so do everything you can before going live. Do all you can while still in your current job. If you do this you can stay on a steady income while you plan it all out. Only when you time is constricted and you are very close to going live should you quit, and even then with trepidation. Make sure you have some savings to back you up because it could be a while before you make a profit.


No matter what path you go down in your career search, make sure that it’s one that brings you happiness!