Build a Flourishing Career as a Nurse

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Educational Qualification Required

Nurses perform various tasks, from helping fundamental healthcare to assisting surgeons with critical and advanced procedures. If you are looking forward to qualifying as a registered nurse, then there are three different ways to apply for an entry level job, which are as follows:

  • Completing a Nursing Diploma Program at a hospital
  • Completing an Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN)
  • Completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (BSN)

A registered nursing program includes block experience in clinics or hospitals, and classroom instruction. Student nurses who are pursuing the career,  typically study subjects including Nutrition, Chemistry, Anatomy, Psychology, Microbiology, Physiology, Nursing and Behavioral Sciences.

At the time of practice, student nurses are around departments like psychiatry, pediatrics, surgery and maternity, and seniors in the hospital are always present to supervise them. Nurses who have received an Associate’s Degree can also go for a Bachelor’s programs, as it will help them make a good career out of nursing in the future.

In nursing programs, a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing is also available for those who have a primary degree in a different field. Many universities offer transfer credits to students who have completed or previously began a science degree program.

Different Kinds of Nursing Jobs

Nursing jobs differ, based on a variety of categories. Prior to choosing a nursing job, it is preferable that you decide which field you want to enter or what kind of environment you are looking for. Then you can decide if you want a contractual or permanent job. Becoming a nurse is not easy, but once you do it, you should know the post you belong to very well so that you can make full use of your abilities.

If you are considering a nursing job but aren’t sure, then entering the childcare industry can be a good option. This industry has many different job roles which include nanny jobs, nursery nursing jobs, nursery jobs and au pair jobs. If we talk about the nursery nursing jobs, they are quite in demand. In case you are fresh to the industry and do not hold any experience, then initially, you can start as a nursery assistant. In this profile, you will be doing administrative work under the supervision of higher-level nursery nurses and will also take care of the children. After entering the childcare industry, you will find many good opportunities in terms of nursing careers. You will also become eligible to be a nursery manager or nursery teacher. It is in most senior posts wherein the candidate will be looking after the entire childcare institute and operational details. Apart from all these kinds of nursery nursing jobs, you will also need to pick whether you are interested in contractual, part-time or a full-time, permanent job. Nursery workers are also required in many settings such as children’s summer camps and resorts.

Becoming a clinical nurse is also a good option. In this role the nurses are involved in pharmaceutical and health. As a clinical nurse, you can pick the specialization you are interested in. You can choose to become a general nurse, or you can look for a role as an administrative staff. You can also choose to be a mental nurse, theatre nurse, therapist, or a maternity nurse. Overall, the pharmaceutical and health industry is quite important in our society, and it will be a privileged job if you choose to be a nurse in this field.