Back to School: Do I Have Enough Patience?

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I almost decided to move 12 hours away from my home to attend law school. Currently, I am thanking God that I chose a law school that was only three hours away from home. Moving is extremely stressful, but boring when you have no connection to the world other than texting and phone calls. Thankfully, I am going to a law school very close to my undergraduate school. However, this is my first time living alone and it is hard to adjust. My friends have been extremely helpful in preoccupying my time. My apartment is actually starting to feel like a home now (except there is still much unpacking and organizing to do)!

School feels like a stressful waiting game right now. I have to wait on my refund check in order to pay for my books, which are not distributed until after school starts. I have homework due on the first day of class. This creates an impossible situation! Trying to balance paying for everything on a student’s budget adds even more stress. Thankfully my mother is helping me figure this out and the financial aid office at my school is very helpful.

Hoping everything works out,

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The stress when moving before going back to school and the test it has on your patience. How to balance your budget, start assignments and organize before the new school year.