How to Keep Your Healthy Glow Throughout Your Twenties

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Each decade of our life that passes means that our skin encounters a new era in its life. When we are children, it’s soft and delicate. In our teens, it’s basically trying to ruin our social lives and humiliate us with regular outbreaks. And in our twenties, once the acne has settled down, it suffers from the all-night parties and the stress of kickstarting our careers. But despite the pimples and breakouts, we never glow quite like we did in our teenage years—it’s probably something to do with the raging hormones and the uninterrupted 12 hours of sleep we got in those days. But it is possible to give it a helping hand, and the more we help it in our 20s, the less help it’ll need in our 30s and later. Trust me.

Look after your skin

When you’re in your teenage years most of your skincare is spot-prevention, right? Basically, at that age, our raging hormones are out to get us. But when we hit our twenties, and our hormones have (thankfully) settled down a bit, our skin needs help to give it a bit of life. A great moisturizer is the way forward. Choose one that suits your skin type—moisturizer isn’t just for people with dry skin, after all. Oily and combination skin also needs a bit of love. Use an exfoliator daily to remove dead skin, cleanse, tone, and moisturize every day, and your skin will glow like you’re 17 again. Never, ever go out into the sun without protection. The bronzed look might be great at 21, but when you’ve got deep wrinkles and leathery skin at 32, you might regret your decision. Fake tan and sunscreen (at least factor 15) are the future of healthy, glowing skin.

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Sweat a little

Working out helps your skin to stay plump and youthful, and it also gives you an unparalleled healthy glow. And you don’t have to go out for a run or fork out for a gym membership—working out for half an hour a day at home before breakfast is all it takes. Jumping rope is the cheapest way to get that glow, but half an hour hard graft spinning while you catch up with Instagram in the morning is perfect. Check out the best spin bike reviews from Exercise Bikes Expert and you’ll see that they don’t have to cost the earth, and as long as you use it almost every day, it’s far cheaper than a gym membership. You could even buy it and share it between a few friends or your roommates, and it’s the perfect cheap workout option. Working out daily before breakfast is the key to maintaining a youthful, healthy glow all day.

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Stay hydrated

Finally, we’re going to sound a bit like your mom now, but the key to healthy, glowing skin really is drinking a lot of water, especially after a night out. In our 20s we’re all guilty of staying up too late and partying too hard, and the tiredness and dehydration play havoc with our skin. Drinking a glass of water between alcoholic drinks, and a glass before you sleep, means you are far less likely to wake up with dry, dull skin the morning after.

The healthy glow doesn’t just leave us when we hit our twenties; we just have to work a bit harder to maintain it.