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This just in; there is an easier way to #Adult!

We created this page to give you our tried and true recommendations to make life just a wee bit easier. Most items on our list have been used by someone on the team, and we swear by its usefulness in making adulting ūüíĮ% ¬†more manageable. Enjoy!

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products we highly recommend. We won’t put anything on this page that we haven’t verified and/or personally used.

Ebates: My only regret with Ebates is not using it sooner. I did almost 100% of my Christmas shopping online, and Ebates made sure every penny spent was worthwhile. Ebates is a site that allows you to earn money back when you spend. It is as simple as that. It does not cost anything to join and when you join they start by giving you $10 cash or a $10 gift card to Walmart. Sign up here and get some cash back!  


Digit:¬†If saving money is difficult for you, Digit is the perfect app to help. When you spend, it takes a little change here and there and puts it into an investment account for you. I’ve been using it for about a month and it already saved me over $80 that I did not even notice it saved. ¬†You can get the free app yourself here.


TurboTax: ¬†If you’ve never done your own taxes before it’s time to put on your big girl panties and use Turbotax. ¬†I was terrified when I did my taxes for the first time. But using Turbotax was as simple as following simple instructions. The best part about it is if you do run into issues you can call them and they will answer your questions for you quickly and without judgment. You can learn more about their services here.¬†They are Amaze! One of our contributors goes into pretty good detail on filing your taxes like a pro with Turbotax here.¬†


Upromise: When I first heard about Upromise I could not believe more people were not using it. You sign up for an account and get cash back for using your regular debit or credit card. The money goes straight into a savings account for you. Awesome, right? They even have a credit card you can use. Check out this article where Jannise talked through her experience using the card here.


LearnVest: I ‚̧ԳŹ LearnVest SO much.¬†If the word budget makes you cringe, have no fear, this free app makes budgeting super easy. Not only does it track your spending automatically, but it also gives you an idea of what percentage of your pay should be going to certain things. We liked it so much we’ve included this app in not one, but two our app suggestion articles. You can check it out in our best free apps for money management article here or in our best free budgeting apps here. ¬†¬†¬†¬†


Groupon: Groupon is where it, is at and the reason why you should never have to pay full price for¬†anything. From local events to eyebrow waxing to vacations, Groupon has at least a 50% discount on everything you can imagine. Check out Jannise’s article on 11 things you can always get at a discount using Groupon of course.




Airfare Watchdog: This site is awesome because it takes the work out of finding the lowest price for airline tickets. All you have to do is put in dates and locations of when you plan on traveling, and airfare watchdog gets to work. If the prices of flights drop, it will let you know. EASY! One of our contributors goes over some details on getting low priced airlines tickets here.


Student Universe: If you are looking for a way to get discount tickets for travel, you can check out Student Universe. They offer discounted airline tickets up to 50% off for students traveling. And the best part, you do not have to be a student to partake! There are also options for your tickets. A couple of our contributors used them to get one-way tickets from the US to Ireland for only $210! Yeah, check them out here!


HomeAway: I feel like HomeAway is often overlooked when looking for places to stay in a new city. Everyone turns to AirBnB, which is an excellent service. However, I find that HomeAway usually has more options to choose from when looing for places to stay. And of course, both options are typically less expensive than going the hotel route. You can check out what HomeAway has to offer here.


Hotel Tonight:¬†If you are looking for an affordable place to stay and¬†you haven’t planned ahead or happen to¬†have unexpected plans, Hotel Tonight shows¬†rooms for¬†the same day and they’re usually dirt cheap because hotels are trying to fill them. It’s a great option if you don;t mind living on the wild side a little bit. Check out Hotel Tonight here.


Living Social: If it were not for living social I do not know if I could do some of the exciting things I’ve tried¬†in the past. From playing dodgeball in a trampoline park to doing a haunted pub, crawLiving Social has some interestingly cool things you can get into when you travel, or when you are in your hometown, and they are affordable. I would’ve never thought I could afford to go on a wine tasting tour. But with LivingSocial ANYTHING is possible. Don’t have an account? Sign up for one here.


World Nomads:¬† World Nomads offers travel insurance, and they cover everything from lost bags to breaking your leg on a ski trip. A lot of people swear by travel insurance and say if you can’t afford the insurance, you can’t afford to travel. And the best part is that World Nomads is pretty reasonably priced. Check them out for yourself here.


PineCone Research:¬†This was my favorite survey site of all the survey sites for many reasons. One, they pay a whopping $3.00 per survey which was huge compared to other sites at the time that were offering points or $1 or less per survey. But they were also very hard to sign up for. They are currently looking for people aged 18-24 to complete surveys, so if you fit the bill…SIGN UP HERE! surveys.


Harris Poll: Harris Poll is a legitimate survey site since they are yet another site that has paid me in the past. However, they do not send many surveys out in a given month. I was always so excited to get a survey from them since I received so few. But where Harris poll lacked in survey opportunities, they made up for with sampling. I looked forward to the chance to get full-sized samples of items that were not even on shelves yet in exchange to do a survey on my thoughts about it. I received everything from shampoo and conditioner to a variety of perfumes to try. And as a college student at the time, I was living lavishly. These were occasional, though, but an additional benefit I was not expecting when I originally signed up. Want to sign up for surveys and samples? You can sign up for The Harris Poll here.


Opinion Outpost: Opinion Outpost is pretty sweet because they always gave me the most survey opportunities. While I was not qualified for some, it was never a problem since they always have so many opportunities. One thing I do enjoy about their network is that for every survey you take you not only get points that go towards a prize (gift card or cash), but you are also enrolled to win a quarterly award. I won this once and got an 80 GB iPod (When they were popular :)). Long story short I really do have the warm and fuzzies for this survey site. You can sign up to complete surveys with them here. 

If you are looking for other survey sites to earn some extra cash check out my post called Make Extra Cash with these 7 Survey Sites.


Building a Framework: I always say if I knew then what I know now when it came to starting my blog, I would be so much better off. But I learned the hard way and before there were so many useful courses out there to make starting a blogging business so much easier. One course I recommend to every new blogger I meet is Building a Framework. IT IS AMAZING! And it covers everything from monetization to organization. I promise if you take this course you will be way better off than I was three years into my blog. You are welcome! If you want more info on starting your own blog, check out my post ten books all serious bloggers should read. 


Yoga Download: One possible side-hustle to get started is to get your certificate to teach Yoga professionally. You can open up your own yoga studio one day. At the very least, teach at a local gym! The best part about getting your certificate is you can do it all from home thanks to Yoga Download. Sign up to take their course on becoming a Yoga Instructor here.


Rich Woman: Regardless of if you want to get into real estate investing or try some other side-hustle, this book is a must read for ALL women IMO. She talks about her struggles¬†with money and her wake up call as to why there are more women than men living in poverty in the U.S. This book changed the way I think about money, marriage and not being told what to do! I loved it, and I am sure you will too. Check it out here.¬† I talk about this book a few times as well in my post 21 ways to be wealthy¬†in your 20’s as well.¬†


IZEA: Ever since I started blogging I’ve used IZEA. If you are not familiar with them, they are a company that connects influencers with brands who want to get the word about their product. ¬†You do not have to have a blog to be an influencer. You just have to have a social media account with a good number of followers to be considered an influencer. Not sure if you qualify? You can check out their site here to learn more! They’ve been paying us well since 2011!

Want more ideas on getting a Side Hustle going? Check out my post 17 Side Hustles That Could Potentially Replace Your Day Job (And How to Get Started.)


Juice Beauty: If you like your skincare the way you like the environment, Juice Beauty if for you! They are an organic skincare and beauty line that is completely cruelty-free, vegan, and kind to the environment.  And they have products from moisturizer to cleanser. They are a great brand, and we think you should check them out! Check out this review from one of our contributors here.


ColourPop: If you are looking for a great brand of makeup at an excellent price ColourPop has got it going on. They got famous for their Lippie Stix product, but according to one of our contributors, 95% of their other stuff is good too. They are a virtual company (Super cool), and all their stuff is in the $5-$ten range. Check them out here!


Mineral Hygienics:¬†I am not a huge makeup person, but I do like the idea of using makeup that will improve your skin over¬†time, instead of deteriorating it. And Mineral Hygienics does that. It’s an excellent brand dedicated to¬†beauty and health! What more could a girl ask for? Check out this review of Mineral Hygienics written by one of our contributors here.


GlamBot:¬†If you’ve never heard of them, they buy and sell used makeup (complete sanitized of course). You can catch some superb deals on expensive makeup.¬† If you love makeup but don;t have the $$$ for the expensive stuff, Glambot is right up your alley. You can check them out here.


Ipsy:¬†Ipsy is a beauty¬†sample box¬†that costs $10/month. You earn points by doing things like writing product reviews and referring friends and then you can use your points to buy the full-size products at a discount! There are other boxes out there similar to Ipsy, but Ipsy has a better reputation for sending more generous samples and sometimes bonus products. They’re just a cool way to try new stuff without committing to full-size products or random brands.¬†Want to give them a try? Check them out here.


WalMart Beauty Box: If you are looking for a more affordable Beauty box option, Walmart offers a free box quarterly. You just pay $5 a quarter for the shipping.  You can try new stuff every season for only $20! Sign up here.  


Udemy: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Udemy! Right, when I was getting into my fresh out of college learning rut, I discovered Udemy, and we’ve been inseparable ever since. I’ve taken online courses on everything from driving traffic to my blog, eating healthier to starting a new business altogether. I do pay for courses now, but back in the day, all I did was free courses that added so much value to my life on a regular basis. Udemy is awesome, and you should sign up for a free account here.¬†If you do not know what courses you should be taking to start, check out this article I wrote called 6 Udemy Courses that will teach you how to make money online.¬† ¬†


Barnes and Noble: I’ve always loved Barnes and Noble. They are a great place to go for cool learning gifts, a place to sit and read, and even a great place to get your textbooks. I love the atmosphere of this store and could spend hours just looking around.¬†If you want to hear a review of one of our contributor’s experience getting textbooks from Barnes and Noble you can check it out here.¬†¬† ¬†¬†


Audible:¬†I cannot speak highly enough about Audible. It’s cool because you don’t have to worry about your brain turning to mush after graduation, you can listen while on your way to and from work, and you can download just about any book. You can check them out with a free trial here. It’s so convenient, and despite my own and off relationship with my audible account I always come back to it. Check out my review of Audible and why I plan on keeping it around for good here.

DailyBurn: If you made a resolution to get in shape this year but don’t have the funds or the time to go out to exercise regularly,¬†DailyBurn may be for you! What many people may not know is that they have programs tailored based on your individual needs. So if you want to lose weight, get strength or just relax more, they have programs with classes you can stream to get to your desired goal. ¬†And if you are still not sure, they give you a 30-day free trial to see if you like it. Check out the review one of our contributors did about home workout programs here.


Balanced Body MOTR: Okay so if you are looking for something to have at home to get a full body workout, this MOTR by Balanced Body is where it’s at! It’s a little weird looking, but does not take up a bunch of space and is very easy to turn it into a foam roller, resistance weights, abs assist and more. This thing is boss! You can check me out using it here.¬†


Garmin: Fitness trackers are the future, and Garmin does a great job at holding you accountable to your daily. Not only does it track your steps calories, heart rate, floors climbed and activity intensity but it can also control the music on your phone and your notifications as well! What are you waiting for? Get your Garmin!


Balance by. Bistro MD: Balance is a meal delivery service that focuses on you having delicious and nutritious meals delivered to your door. They are precooked¬†and pre-selected by you on their website. Eat what they send you and watch the weight come off! It’s that easy. They have special diets too if you are diabetic, vegetarian, gluten-free or if you have high blood pressure. Check out their plans here.



Touchpoints: These little devices are miracles. They are small lightweight devices you wear on your clothing to help you reduce anxiety and stress with Neuroscience. They have different functions too to not only help you calm down but also help you sleep better, focus more and event prevents cravings. If you want to learn more about how these babies work, you can check it out here.


WhatsApp: This is an excellent tool if you are traveling. One of our contributors said that Whatsapp¬†saved her while abroad. ¬†It allows you to call and text people over wi-fi so you don;t have to worry about expensive phone bills when you return home. And it’s also free! What more could you ask for? Check out a pretty good review of WhatsApp by one of our contributors here.¬†¬†


Square Cash App: Squarecash is a helpful app. Many of our contributors have used it to send money to people for free. It’s super useful if you’re out to dinner with friends and then one person can pick up the check, and everyone else can immediately send them money to pay them back.¬†¬†A review of this nifty app can be found here as well.


Amazon Prime: When Amazon Prime first came out, I remember thinking the cost was kind of high just for free shipping. I gave it a try and was hooked ever since! There are so many perks to having an¬†Amazon Prime account that it’s almost crazy not to have one! ¬†You get free 2-day shipping on almost anything you buy on Amazon, you get access to a ton of TV shows and music you can stream online, and you have access to Amazon Prime Now which allows you to have some things delivered to you within hours or ordering to name a few (only available in certain cities.) Amazon Prime is where it is at. One of our contributors happily wrote about why it is a necessity here.


Hello Fresh: If you have yet to try a food delivery box service, you MUST try Hello Fresh. ¬†It’s great if you are trying to keep from going out to eat too much¬†but still, want a delicious meal. They are great too if you want to learn how to be a better cook without paying for an expensive class. They deliver all of the ingredients you’ll need along with a few recipes. They will even show you how to plate the dish. (Date night anyone?)¬†Even if you get tired of it, it is worth at least pursuing their discounted trial for $35 off plus free shipping here! Want to know more about Hello Fresh? Check out this review written by one of our contributors.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links, but these are all products we highly recommend. We won’t put anything on this page that we haven’t verified and/or personally used.